When it comes to wedding planning you will either hate it, love it, or don’t care because you just want to get it over with. I so get it because everyone has a different experience when planning a wedding. Either way, you’ve come to the perfect blog post that is going to give you the best wedding planning tips to live by.

The goal of this is to educate you and set clear expectations. Weddings are emotional. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So let’s get started and at the end tell me which tip is your favorite.

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever!!

Tip #1 – Why Are You Getting Married?

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever! Jay Alexander

I’m sure you probably frowned your face at this one and just said, “Because we love each other”. Of course you love each other, but that doesn’t always mean you need to get married. There should always be a why behind this.

I recommend reading The Art of Gathering by  Priya Parker. This is such an eye opener to the purpose of having a wedding and other events. Probably the best out of the wedding planning tips.

Tip #2 – Don’t Let Others Control Your Emotions

If you have not started wedding planning the first thing to come to terms with is other people’s opinion about how you spend your money on your wedding. They also want to tell you how you should feel. Whatever emotion you decide to have, allow it to be yours. If you’re excited because you found the perfect linen for your tables, SCREAM WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON!!!

If you want to feel sad because someone you really wanted to attend your wedding no longer can, be sad. You have to own your feelings and be honest with yourself. However, understand the show must go on.

Tip #3 – A Wedding Is Not Just A Ceremony and Reception

As you plan your wedding you will hear a lot of people state you shouldn’t put a lot of effort into your wedding because it’s just one day.

This is far from just a party and  a one day event. Here’s what a wedding signifies:

  1. It’s a financial commitment. You and your partner have to be ready for the wedding budget responsibilities in making this happen.

  2. It’s forming a new family and new traditions. This isn’t just you and your fiancé coming together legally. You are bringing two families together. You are also building new traditions for your soon to be family.

  3. It’s your day. Your way of expressing how much you love your fiancé. It’s also your way of saying thank you to family and friends for their continued support of you.

Tip #4 – Planning A Wedding Can Change You

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever!

Have you ever seen an image of someone starting a project and they are smiling. As the project progresses they might have a half of a smile. A few weeks or months pass by and there is no smile at all. The next time you see them, their hair is wild and it looks like they could use a shower and a change of clothes.

This could be you as you plan your wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. You have to be prepared for the toll a wedding can have on your life. The most important thing to understand is that you can ask for help. Booking a DC Wedding Planner, asking friends for help and doing research can all help you keep that smile and hair in tact.

Tip #5 – Do Not Get Advice From Social Media.

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever! Photo via Buzzfeed

Have you ever saw a police incident on the news and then all of a sudden everyone on Facebook is a Lawyer or Detective and have instantly solved the case? Forget the professionals who have been trained to figure things out. Let the Facebook Lawyers be judge and jury.

Most times the people on social media give out incorrect wedding planning tips. Some times they are actually right. But when it comes to how you spend YOUR money, social media can ruin your wedding planning.

Another thing to avoid is venting on social media about your wedding planning experience. This includes in the private Facebook groups. This is only an attempt to get people to support the issues you have not properly dealt with. If you have an issue, talk to your fiancé about it. If it’s something dealing with your fiancé, talk to your Best Man or Maid of Honor and get private advice.

The only thing social media tends to do is make things worse.

Tip #6 – Focus On What Really Matters

I cannot tell you how many questions arise regarding things couples have no control over. I always think of the Serenity Prayer. I’m here to be supportive and also remind couples that things will be ok. It’s all about trust.

It is so easy to place yourself in this never ending hole of wants and concerns that it brings about wedding stress. Is worrying about if the DJ play your first dance song really a concern? I know my DJ Kurtis Cross won’t forget that. Worried that people won’t take home your wedding favors? What if people will hate your wedding? Worried if someone won’t like where they are seated? All of these things really are not worth worrying about.

Remember this is your wedding.

Tip #7 – Take Wedding Planning Breaks

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever!

This is probably one of the most important tips I can give you. Is your life currently consumed by figuring out the best wedding planning tips? Have you forgotten to have a date night with your fiancé? Did you forget your best friend’s birthday?

I recommend only dedicating certain times during the week to focus on wedding planning. While this is a big part of your life, you still have a world outside of planning that needs your attention.

Tip #8 – Free Wedding Resources

I know some couples might want to plan their own wedding or plan a portion of it. Where do you get free wedding resources such as wedding spreadsheets, timelines, and other fun things?

I recommend you check out A Practical Wedding. They have a ton of spreadsheets, checklists and other things you might find handy. If you are like me and don’t care for all the documents spread across various systems, you can just hire us and have everything you need in our virtual portal. Ask me about it in the comments.

Tip #9 – DIY Weddings Aren’t What You Think

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever! Disney Life Movie

I love a good DIY project. However a wedding DIY project is on steroids because you’re dealing with dozens if not hundreds of people. DIY projects can also result in wasted time and money that you can’t get back.

If you are not crafty, you’ll end us extending your wedding budget verses saving money which people think DIY projects will do.

So what are some things I can DIY for my wedding?:

  1. Confetti or Rice tossers

  2. Creating props for your photo booth

  3. A photo family tree of those you want to honor

  4. Painted glass votives

  5. Candles wrapped in lavender

  6. Photo Guest Book

Tip #10 – Feel Free To Skip Wedding Traditions

There are a ton of things that you don’t have to do if you aren’t feeling it. Here are some things that can be bypassed:

  1. Having a Bachelor/Bachelorette party or trip

  2. Having a rehearsal dinner

  3. Having a large wedding

  4. Having a brunch after the wedding

  5. Wearing a wedding gown

  6. Wearing white

  7. Engagement Photos, but if you do have a shoot, here’s how to plan the perfect engagement shoot.

Tip #11 – It’s Ok To Not Invite Everyone

We all know that your wedding guest list is probably one of the most frustrating things to do. Who should you invite and who you shouldn’t. Here’s a video I did to explain all of it.

Tip #12 – It’s Ok To Have A Nontraditional Wedding Party

Before I talk about the wedding party, please note that it is not called a Bridal Party. Why? Unless there are two women getting married, everyone else should use a wedding party. You can’t call it a bridal party if you have a groom with groomsmen. Make sense?

Your wedding party can be a blend of everything. You don’t have to have an even amount on both sides. The groom doesn’t have to have all guys. The bride doesn’t have to have all women.

Tip #13 – Use the Instagram Save Feature

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever! African Alice in Wonderland Event

We all love us some Instagram. If you come across a image that you want to send to your wedding vendor, just save it. When you click the banner icon (see red arrow above)  you can also create your own folder for it.

Tip #14 – Set Up A Separate Wedding Email Account

16 Best Wedding Planning Tips Ever! Unread Email Gif

I’ve seen people have 546,876,345 unread emails. When it comes to your wedding, you don’t want to hunt for important emails. Create a separate email account for your wedding planning. I promise you this will be a saving grace.

Tip #15 – Don’t Forget Tax and Shipping Costs

Often times couples can get sticker shock when they see the final catering bill or shipping costs. Depending on what state you are hiring someone or purchasing an item in will determine taxes and other fees. It’s important to understand upfront that taxes and fees are not something that companies will take on as cost of doing business.

When you purchase your favorite dress or suit or food at the grocery store, there is a tax applied. When you ship items in the mail, there is a shipping fee. This also applies to your wedding. Please factor this into your budget.

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