DC Micro Weddings

DC Micro-Wedding

Let’s honor your original wedding date with a face to face event.

We understand that COVID-19 has devastated many couples. It has caused you to either push back your wedding or even worse, cancel it. As a matter of fact, a DC Micro-Wedding is a great solution. It will offer you the wedding day experience you deserve.

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    Ellen and Reese DC-Micro Wedding (Teaser Trailer)
    Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

    As Reese and Ellen enter into marriage.

    We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

    And want to convey our love for and to them right from the beginning.

    Reese and Ellen, you are now officially, as you have already been in your hearts, husband and wife.

    You may now seal your vows and promises with a kiss.


    DC Micro-Wedding Overview

    Because of COVID-19, large scale events are eliminated. DC intimate weddings and events have allowed couples to host microweddings. A microwedding is a mini version of a full scale wedding and is the perfect opportunity to still have a wedding.
    Moreover consider this a blend of an elopement and intimate wedding combined. In like manner, the biggest difference you will find is that it consist of a smaller guests count.
    Equally important, a microwedding consists of 5 to 50 guests and varies based on location. Likewise, it is the perfect cross between an elopement and a regular wedding. In reality, the Mayor of DC and the Governors of Maryland and Virginia will determine guest count.
    In light of this being a smaller wedding, the quality and sophistication of a wedding will remain. Additionally, this is a means to have your dream wedding without cutting corners.

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    DC Micro-Wedding Experience

    Each DC Micro-Wedding has a few variations and depends on the couple. Therefore, the wedding ceremony can last between 15 to 30 minutes. Couples receive another 30 minutes for cake cutting, champagne toast, photos, and speaking with virtual guests. Longer weddings are allowed to have a mini reception that tends to last 2-3 hours in addition to the ceremony.
    Each couple can customize their bouquets, boutonnieres, photos, video, and the wedding cakeAbove all, couples only have to arrive dressed and ready for their microwedding with guests.
    Price:  Price starts at $5,000 and varies based on guest count, venue, and customization. 

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                                MEET YOUR DC MICRO-WEDDING VENDORS:

    WEDDING PLANNER: Andrew Roby Events
    FLORIST: Violet Gardens Floral Designs, Sweet Blossoms
    PHOTOGRAPHER: Edward Underwood Photography, Tunji Studio or Trene Forbes Photography
    BAKER: Blue Lace Cakes
    INVITATIONS: Fingers In Ink                                           VENUE: Perry Belmont House, Arena Stage, Tudor Place Historic Gardens

    DC Micro-Wedding
    Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

    Hey. Good morning, Annie.

    So many of you out there have heard of the term micro-wedding before.

    It’s basically a small wedding celebration on a really small scale and budget.

    And when I’m talking about small, I’m talking about anywhere from having five to 50 guests.

    So there’s a DC event planner out there who’s now getting creative with the concept in hopes of just giving couples more options to save money as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

    It’s been quite the journey for couples who had big plans for marriage this year. Including the Sylvesters, who quickly organized a wedding with less than ten people the night before DC’s stay at home order took effect last month, friends and family drove by to wish the newlyweds well.

    In Virginia, we saw a similar celebration, complete with gift bags of champagne.

    This seemingly new normal mirrors a concept Andrew Roby is using for his own event planning business in DC, which, too, has felt the effects of this pandemic.

    There’s up, there’s downs.

    I try my best to try to be on the up.

    It is tough, but it’s also promising.

    I think it’s allowed us to be very creative.

    As Roby waits to see when venues reopen and the new guidelines that will come with it, he’s exploring the idea of micro weddings and says there’s been interest.

    A micro-wedding? What is that?

    It’s a happy place between an elopement and actually having a regular wedding.

    So it’s a combination of both.

    The biggest difference that you’ll probably see with the micro wedding versus a regular

    wedding is the guest count.

    So here’s how it works.

    We create an eight hour block, and within that block, each couple is allotted an hour time frame just for your traditional wedding.

    So they have maybe 15 minutes for the ceremony, and then the remaining 45 minutes, they’ll have a cake cutting ceremony, champagne toast.

    The package even comes with a live stream.

    After that hour, we give another hour to sanitize everything.

    The couples would have to agree on the same package that includes decor and other big ticket items.

    Micro weding is really effective for people who want to lay down all that heavy burden of thinking about their wedding right now.

    You know what?

    I think that’s just a big help and definitely a great idea for a lot of couples who are just trying to get through this pandemic together.

    Now, Roby tells me that couples can save as much as 50% by utilizing this concept.

    Again, this is a situation where you have four couples.

    They all get married in the same location at different times. Of course.

    Again, under this micro wedding concept, if you’d like to learn more, we do have an article up for you on WUSA nine dot com.


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    Client Testimonials

    He’s connected with the BEST of the BEST in the area, all of whom are just as professional and attentive. This is the type of one stop shop that a bride should desire, because you end up with the flawless results you’ve dreamed of (and deserved) all without the stress that you hear other brides complain about…don’t be one of them. Nonetheless, it will be your best investment.

    Andrew is one of the best Event Planners I’ve worked with. He is responsive, creative and professional. After all, anyone would be thrilled to work with him on their next event!

    Andrew and his team planned my wedding for 100 people in about four months. He left no stone unturned, tried to keep me on task and organized, and assisted with choosing vendors and getting contracts in place.

    Andrew listened to what I wanted in terms of decor and made great suggestions and created a stunning setting for the ceremony and a gorgeous reception. At the same time he was available to handle even the smallest detail.

    Most importantly, on the day, I was able to relax while he coordinated with the venue, the various vendors, and my wedding party to make sure that things ran smoothly (and that I never found out if things were NOT running smoothly) and according to schedule. By all means I highly recommend him and his team!

    Above all, this guy saved my life and made my party such a pleasure to plan and allowed me to enjoy it so much better than if I had done this myself. Andrew was prompt, thorough, efficient, and super responsive. He watched my budget and was a pleasure to work with.

    Andrew really was attentive during the party and thought of everything. As a result, I would not hesitate to use him again and I highly recommend him.

    Andrew and his staff helped us plan a wedding while my husband was stationed overseas. I’ve never been the kind of girl who “dreamed about her wedding,” and working a high-stress job didn’t leave me a ton of time to sweat the details.

    Similarly, Andrew helped us pick a venue, negotiate with vendors, and stage decor, amongst other tasks, and we ended up with an event that looked like it was ripped from the pages of a bridal magazine. Couldn’t have asked for a better result. In fact extremely reasonable prices to boot!

    If you are looking for a wedding planner who will not only listen to your requests but take them above and beyond this is the person for you!

    Andrew and his team will work with you and any obstacles that arise. He takes your ideas and will give you exactly what you want. For one thing if there is something you aren’t fond of, it will be changed.

    I can’t express the gratitude I had for Andrew and all his dedication he gave to my husband and I for our 10 year anniversary!!!

    In conclusion, I highly, highly recommend Andrew and Andrew Roby Events for any needs you may have. All in all if you want everyone talking about your event afterwards there is no better company!!