Hybrid Event Planner

Our hybrid event production is one of our client’s favorite offerings. Excited to have people in person at your event, but also have some that won’t be able to attend because they’re too far away? Or maybe they have babysitting concerns or are medically restricted due to COVID-19 or other health concerns? Thanks to the power of technology, they can still attend your event. We love to get creative by combining in-person and virtual events.

We want your event to be as extraordinary as you’re envisioning, which is why we always make sure we are up to date with the latest event planning and management technology. A hybrid event is perfect for weddings, birthdays, government or corporate events, and even celebratory parties for noteworthy achievements.

If your grandparents are unable to fly in for your wedding, or if you’re hosting a major corporate event with hundreds of executives attending a training or team-building, our hybrid event production is what you need to execute it without a hitch. As a Veteran-owned business, we also know what it takes to create a first class hybrid military event. We love being able to help your active duty and deployed military friends and family attend your event virtually, no matter where they are stationed in the world.

We’ve planned hybrid events, even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this extensive hybrid event planning experience, we are experts at thinking through room dynamics, making sure video cameras and monitors are properly set up, and ensuring proper COVID-19 protocols for in-person guests. We will account for the venue you select and make accommodations for the speaker capacity needed for larger venues.

We will even think through details such as how to help keep your attendees’ eyes on multiple stages. We want to make sure everyone attending, whether virtual or in-person, can see all of the event action.

We are also well accustomed to ensuring your guests and attendees are all interacting, including the virtual guests and participants. Making sure each individual guest, no matter where in the world they are, is engaged and having a great time at your event is paramount to our planning staff. This also means arranging for appropriate audio/visual staff and vendors, as well as Wi-Fi and other technology.

Our hybrid events include huge screens so that those attending virtually still feel like they are in the room with you. Have guests attend over Zoom or another platform of your choice, and then stream them on screen! This way they can see everyone at the event, and everyone at the event can see them. Set up chat functions, add in speakers, or both. We can accommodate a full spectrum of engagement between in-person and online guests.

Your hybrid event with virtual and in-person attendees may require rehearsals to ensure smooth execution. We orchestrate the necessary preparations so that audio-visual needs, cameras, speakers, computers, screens, stages, photographers, DJs, musicians, and internet capacity are all ready to come together on time and in perfect harmony.

Speaking of Wi-Fi and the internet, this means data and security need to be considered, too. Our team knows how to protect your guests’ privacy and personal information. Our hybrid event production team can walk you through these fundamental considerations for your special day.

Our events are renowned and award-winning because we base them on each individual client’s personality and unique style. We think through every detail, no matter how small and complement this with cutting edge technology. Our top concern is that your event runs smoothly, seamlessly, and on time and that you are able to relax and enjoy while your guests have fun.

Ready to explore the possibilities of a hybrid event through the gift of technology? We are here to plan it for you. With our technology infrastructure and know-how, we can keep everyone connected and engaged, whether they’re attending in-person or anywhere else in the word. Whether you’re looking for a business event planner, micro-wedding planner, or someone to orchestrate the birthday party of the year, Reach out to Andrew Roby Events today. With event planning services in DC, Dallas, and Los Angeles, we offer the best of in-person and online options through our renowned hybrid event production.