Birthday Party Planner

Are you ready to celebrate yourself, or someone you love, by throwing a luxurious, magical, and unforgettable birthday party that’s as unique as you are? Imagine a sophisticated party, designed to your specifications, during which you’ll be able to relax, enjoy and have fun.

Birthdays are about celebrating life, the people you love, and ensuring you have the epic party you deserve and have always dreamt of. Celebrate yourself or your mother, father, spouse, child, or best friend on their birthday! We can even help you throw the biggest surprise birthday party ever!

As premier birthday event planners, we are known for removing stress and adding in fun! We create memorable parties through our attention to detail, creativity, relationships, and our use of technology to make the entire experience smooth – for both you and your guests!

How does the process work?

First, we will meet with you for a birthday party consultation and hear directly from you what you’re looking for on the special day. We will discuss your guests, budget, flowers, cakes, candles, and everything in-between. Looking for ideas? Our team of event planning professionals will get creative with you, too!

Whether you want to arrive at your party in a Royals Royce, have the most decadent chocolate cake in all of Texas, or have birthday balloons custom-designed, we can make it happen. Once we have your party ideas outlined, we will reach out and organize all the amazing vendors we work with to implement them! Here’s a sampling of the types of vendors we work with:

  • DJs & MCs
  • Audio & Visual Professionals
  • Cocktail Mixologists
  • Transportation Hosts
  • City Guides
  • Florists
  • Interior Design & Decor Specialists
  • Cake Bakers & Pastry Chefs
  • Brunch, Lunch & Dinner Caterers
  • Custom Party Favor Creators
    And more…!

We love handling every piece of a birthday party event, from designing the invitations to securing the most notable DJs to having your favorite cocktails available to ensuring a cake that tastes as amazing as it looks.

Our goal is for you to feel as special as you truly are on your birthday, and for you to feel the love of those around you, enjoy their laughter, and for your friends and family to not even know we are there! We’ll be in the background, quietly making sure everything is running smoothly, on time and according to a schedule you helped create.

Our founder, Andrew Roby, is an Army Veteran who understands the importance of getting every detail right, no matter how big or small. Our team believes that the best events are ones that are planned for and that it’s what happens before, during, and after an event that makes it truly memorable.

If you’re looking to have a great time with your family and friends by hosting an exceptional and unforgettable birthday party, send us an email today to get the planning process started! We specialize in events in Washington, DC., Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas.