We have to admit that a lot of us are on social media daily and for a large chunk of time. It makes it that much easier to simply ask your virtual friends about wedding planning tips.

As helpful as the social media world may be with these overnight internet experts, going to social media to help plan your wedding is probably the last thing you should do. Last week I did a Facebook Live video to talk about a few reasons why you must seek sound advice from experts off social media.

AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research states that 57% percent of the couples who use social media to plan their wedding are stressed out. That’s a huge number. Another 55% say that they were moderately concerned about capturing a great photo on wedding day. Do you know why that is? Because the demand for Instagram and magazine worthy images are on the rise.

Sadly we are our own stress magnets. How many weddings have you been to with a hashtag? How many wedding have you attended where at least one person other than the Photographer was caught taking photos? Was it you? It’s OK if it was LOL. But the cause of this is wanting to share with other.

We are all people who love to share at least something with the world and that’s why social media is so darn nosy. But here are a few more reasons why you need to avoid it when planning your wedding.


Social Media Isn’t Really Giving YOU Advice

Yes that’s true. The majority of the internet experts give you advice based on generalized advice they heard from someone else. That’s a huge problem. You don’t want generalized advice. You want advice that’s going to address your wedding not what helped another wedding. If you want advice seek out someone with experience and schedule a call with them.

Social Media Questions you may be asking:

  1. How do I create my timeline?

  2. What are some trends I should have at my wedding?

  3. Who should I invite to my wedding?

  4. Should I have a vegetarian option on the menu?

All of these are personalized questions that you and your fiance need to answer or talk to your Wedding Planner about.

Who are these Internet Experts?


We know that you are in online groups on Facebook as you should be. But the majority of the people in those groups are people who are also getting married. Does it really make the most sense to get advice from people who are also trying to figure the same things out?

Now you may also find that these groups have some Wedding Professionals in them that may be willing and able to help you. THAT’S FANTASTIC!! However, have you properly vetted them to verify they know what they are talking about? Do you know their years of experience and or track record? Please do this before taking on their advice.

What Advice Should I take from Social Media?

I’m glad you asked this question because there is a lot of things that I’ve found to be very helpful when asking groups about wedding planning. Here are somethings you can freely accept.

  • Places to see wedding inspiration like Pinterest

  • Place to find vendors and Wedding Planners in places like DC

  • Advice on what tools helped others plan their wedding

  • A great venue you should check out

  • Where a person bought their wedding gown or tuxedo

The difference in asking these questions is that they are general which is my point. Here are some questions to avoid asking. When it comes to getting answers to more specific and personal questions you need to ask an expert. Don’t know who can answer your questions? Schedule a call with me and I’m happy to give you a free 15 minute consultation no obligations.