When a couple gets married you would think they need a ton of stuff to pack into their homes. Things like furniture, appliances, china and tons of other things should be on their wedding registry. But did you know the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports 54% of all first marriages are between couples who live together?

In doing so, couples tend to purchase things they need well before they get married. So what are you as a guest supposed to give a couple as a wedding gift? What are you as the couple supposed to put on your wedding registry list when you have everything you need?

Just because you have everything you need, I’m here to tell you life is all about upgrading and looking at your wedding registry differently. If you have friends and family that want to buy you gifts…..LET THEM.

Here are some ideas to include in your registry and make sure you place it on your wedding website.

Honeymoon (obvious one right?)


The perfect way to fly to your dream destination after you’ve spent thousands on your wedding is to ask your family and friends to give you cash. Please take this wedding registry advice. Websites like HoneyFund, Zola, The Knot’s Newlywed Fund are all options. Giving cash can go towards airfare, resort, or even activities while there. It’s not faux pas to ask for money.

Wedding Registry Appliances


This is one thing that really does make your life much better. If you love baking, get a high-end mixer. If you love watching Sunday night football, get a 72 inch TV. Tired of going to the laundry mat? Ask for a washer and dryer or money towards it. You never know who or what people will buy. Anything that has spent a few years in your home and is outside of warranty should be up for replacement.

A Wedding Registry Charity

If you really have it all, why not give to others who may not? Look at charities that touch close to home. Consider charities that are local to you so that you can see the impact they are making in your community. We love charities such as Ms. Veteran America, and So Others Might Eat.

Donating to a charity with family and friends can really raise a lot of money to help children, those fighting cancer, and those who are homeless. Winter weddings would really dominate as 30% of giving occurs in December.

A Wedding Registry Subscription Service


I can tell you there are hundreds of subscription services out there that could help you as a couple. Guests could pay for a year’s worth of Netflix. If you’re into fashion, why not have a monthly clothing subscription? Want to spice up the dinner table? Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated are all options.

Wedding Registry Furniture


If you have moved in together and simply brought what you had, you may not have a cohesive looking living room or bedroom. Asking for specific furniture like a bed or bedroom set can help you pull your home together. Even if you have your dream bedroom, how old is your mattress? What about something with advance technology like a Sleep Number?

Interior Designer


If you want to start fresh or you have agreed to buy a home together, an Interior Designer should be considered. Your wedding fund can easily help contribute to this if you decide not to have a honeymoon or have money left over.

What are some things you believe should be added to the above list? Still need help? We are your Washington, DC Wedding Planners. Contact us.