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Some events only come along once in a lifetime, and that’s where we come in. We specialize in elevating those events into the perfectly magical experiences they deserve to be.

Whether it’s a baby shower, retirement party, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, bot mitzvah, sweet 16, high school graduation, first birthday, or 80th birthday, we know you won’t come to this moment again. Let’s make it sparkle!

We are known for unparalleled party planning in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, and beyond. If you want a social event that looks like every other event out there, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, we’d like to help you create singular events that soar above the ordinary. When your guests describe your social event as “unforgettable” and “extraordinary” and “the time of their life,” we’ve succeeded.

One of the challenges with hiring a social event planner is keeping the event about YOU! Clients look to professional party planners for their experience and skill. But in the process, the event can become all about the party planner and not the client.

We take a different approach. We deliver all of those things you want—the expertise, the venue and vendor connections, the logistics management, the attention to the time-consuming details. But through it all, we keep the spotlight focused on you. It’s your day! We work tirelessly behind the scenes so you can kick back, enjoy, and shine.


Our Social Event Planner Services


Why Choose Andrew Roby as Your Social Event Planner


Before we launch our event planning services, we take the time to find out about you. You’re the star of this show so we make sure it’s all about you. What makes you the happiest? A small, intimate affair or a blowout bash with 500 people? What are your hobbies and passions? Unique traditions? What’s your vision for the event? How can we help you execute it? We’ll handle as much or as little as you desire in order to make sure your big social event unfolds according to your vision.

Telling your story

champagne toast andrew roby eventsWhat sets you apart? What events have made you who you are today and fueled your accomplishments? I’m known as the “event storyteller” in the event planning and management industry. That’s because I use perfectly planned parties as the medium for telling my clients’ unique stories. I’d like to do the same for you.

Whether you are retiring from the military, bringing your first baby into the world, or turning the big 5-0, we’ll welcome your guests into your life’s journey. We’ll make your big event a reflection of the special things that define you.

Love big band music? Let’s dance. Worked overseas? We’ll bring exotic food traditions to the catering menu. Golf fanatic? Let’s host your party at the driving range. Love gardening? Let’s turn the venue into a garden sanctuary, incorporating blooms you’ve cultivated yourself.

Your social event should connect you to your guests in a deeply personal, authentic way, inviting them to pull up a chair as your life story unfolds.

Perfecting the guest experience

Your guests are not an afterthought. They are extensions of you, and your party is only successful if they love it right along with you. We ensure that they feel welcome and pampered throughout the entire experience. From orchestrating travel plans for out-of-town guests to managing seating arrangements to accommodating dietary restrictions to creating meaningful party favors, we plan your party with an eye to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment.





milestone birthday backdrop andrew roby events

Social event planning is dizzying–with a thousand components that all come together at once, with no dress rehearsal and no margin for error. One missed detail can derail a beautifully executed event and rain on your once-in-a-lifetime party.

That’s why we’re completely obsessed with the details! We deal with the painstaking minutia behind the scenes so that you can enjoy your big social event stress-free. This includes adhering to timelines so that you don’t miss any deadlines, setting up Wi-Fi and device charging stations, tracking gifts for thank you notes, anticipating first aid needs, making Plan B arrangements for inclement weather, ensuring that the right photos get taken at just the right time, and securing music and alcohol permits if needed.

The last thing you want to do at your big event is babysit all of the last minute details and scramble to put out unexpected fires. We’ve got that covered so you can be fully in the moment.


The pandemic helped us see all of the ways we can use technology to connect people, and we’ve made a fine art of integrating technology into event management services. Why leave out your guests who can’t travel to your big event? We can expand your party into a social hybrid event with virtual options for bringing in long-distance guests (or those who can’t attend for health concerns or other reasons). We’ll help you select the best platform for your hybrid event, tend to all of the audiovisual needs, and prioritize virtual engagement so that online guests feel as immersed as the live ones.

We can also add convenience and “wow-factor” to your event with technology. Think digital RSVP processes that generate QR codes. These can facilitate convenient guest check-ins, guide guests to their assigned seats, allow them to join the social media chatter about your event, and give them access to event photos afterward.

Impressive vendor networks

bb king new orleans andrew roby events

There are a lot of vendors out there, but not all of them are right for you. They may not share your style. They may be suited to bigger or smaller budgets. Or they may not have the bandwidth to give your in-person or social hybrid event the attention that it deserves.

With our extensive vendor connections, we can curate vendor options that would be the best match for your big social event. This takes the daunting “overwhelm” out of the vendor selection process.

Vendor negotiations and contract management can take a lot of time and be stressful. You’re dealing with a lot of different personalities, timelines, styles, and fees. We can handle all of this for you, making sure that you’re getting top-tier service from each vendor, delivered on time and for previously negotiated prices.

Caring for your budget

Whether you’re on a modest budget or have limitless funds, you still need to be a wise budget steward in your party planning. If you can afford something lavish, you need to be paired with a vendor who can envision and execute at those levels. For more modest budgets, we’ll make sure you’re allocating your funds in ways that will produce the biggest bang for your buck.

This can require some challenging decisions as you prioritize venue, catering, decor, entertainment, and activities. What do you want to focus on? What can you cut corners on? Or eliminate altogether? We’ll help you align your budget so that the final product lives up to your vision.

Any size, any location!

custom social event plansWe’ve done it all—from intimate in-home dinner parties to destination events in exotic international cities. We’ve planned first birthday parties at the park and orchestrated galas for thousands at major conference centers.

We can help you decide what size of event will meet your goals and curate your guest list accordingly. Once those decisions are made, we can help you find the best venue. We have an extensive knowledge of venues for social event planning in DC, Dallas, and Los Angeles. This includes lesser-known, high-charm venues that will help set your event apart from the others.

If you decide to plan a destination party, we can draw on our extensive network in the event planning and management industry for insider knowledge wherever you want to travel. Name your social event location, and we’ll execute with perfection.

Respect for all. As a black-owned event planning company, we orchestrate with an eye to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I (Andrew) am the head of the National Events Council, which works tirelessly to cultivate greater diversity in the event planning industry. My team of party planners will bring this same consciousness to your event.

From the food to the entertainment to the language surrounding your social event, we will help ensure that everyone feels valued and respected at your party.

The Best Party Planning in Los Angeles, DC, Dallas, and Beyond

We know how to plan unforgettable parties…and people are noticing! We were honored with the Top 500 Award for event planning services from Biz Bash Media, the top trade media platform for the events industry. Connect Corporate selected us for the “40 Under 40” event planning award, and Brides recognized us among the top 104 wedding planners in the country for our beautiful, customized weddings.

The Andrew Roby Events planning team has been featured in The New York Times and Washingtonian Magazine as well as on CNN, CBS, WeddingChicks.com, and the Knot.

Your milestone birthdays, coming-of-age parties, holiday parties, retirements, baby showers— when you look back on a life well-lived, these are the celebrations that will rise above the hum of life. These events only come along once in a lifetime. Let’s make them the time of your life.

Contact us today for the best in party planning.


Still unsure of what you need?

Are you the party-goer who has a thing for throwing parties, but wants some advice? We offer consultation services that answer the most difficult questions. We also ensure that you get the perfect bartenders, caterers, and DJs to keep your party going.

 Book a 60 minute virtual consultation starts at $597.


Social Events Planner

Still unsure of what you need?

Are you the party-goer who has a thing for throwing parties, but wants some advice? We offer consultation services that answer the most difficult questions. We also ensure that you get the perfect bartenders, caterers, and DJs to keep your party going.

 90 minute virtual consultation starts at $150 for 90 minutes.
On-site visit starting at $275 for 3 hours. (this includes travel time)


Client Testimonials

He’s connected with the BEST of the BEST in the area, all of whom are just as professional and attentive. This is the type of one stop shop that a bride should desire, because you end up with the flawless results you’ve dreamed of (and deserved) all without the stress that you hear other brides complain about…don’t be one of them. This will be your best investment.
I have never hired and event planner for previous parties. With this being a milestone birthday for my mother, I wanted to make it extra special. Andrew made the entire process so easy! He has the connections in the DC area to recommend the best caterers, entertainers, and bakeries to make sure that your guests will have a great time. He uses technology to make communication, contracts, payment, and planning very easy. On the day of the party, he did not interrupt our visiting with guests with any issues. He only checked in to make sure we were having a good time! We will definitely be asking him to help us with any future events, and we have been recommending his services to anyone that asks. Thank you, Andrew for all of your work and for making a memorable evening for our family and friends!
Once again Andrew knocked it out of the park. For someone like me who is a bit of a control freak to turn such an important premier event over to someone else is saying something. This is the third event we have done with Andrew and his team and it will not be the last. Quality, attention to detail, sense of humor and dedication are just a few ways to describe Andrew Roby Events. THANK YOU Andrew – you made a it wonderful again and I am grateful to you and your team for removing the stress and making it all beautiful!
Andrew is one of the best Event Planners I’ve worked with. He is responsive, creative and professional. Anyone would be thrilled to work with him on their next event!
Andrew and his team planned my wedding for 100 people in about four months. He left no stone unturned, tried to keep me on task and organized, and assisted with choosing vendors and getting contracts in place. He listened to what I wanted in terms of decor and made great suggestions and created a stunning setting for the ceremony and a gorgeous reception. He was available to handle even the smallest detail. Most importantly, on the day, I was able to relax while he coordinated with the venue, the various vendors, and my wedding party to make sure that things ran smoothly (and that I never found out if things were NOT running smoothly) and according to schedule. I highly recommend him and his team!
This guy saved my life and made my party such a pleasure to plan and allowed me to enjoy it so much better than if I had done this myself. He was prompt, thorough, efficient, and super responsive. He watched my budget and was a pleasure to work with. He really was attentive during the party and thought of everything. I would not hesitate to use him again and I highly recommend him.
Andrew and his staff helped us plan a wedding while my husband was stationed overseas. I’ve never been the kind of girl who “dreamed about her wedding,” and working a high-stress job didn’t leave me a ton of time to sweat the details. Andrew helped us pick a venue, negotiate with vendors, and stage decor, amongst other tasks, and we ended up with an event that looked like it was ripped from the pages of a bridal magazine. Couldn’t have asked for a better result. Extremely reasonable prices to boot!
If you are looking for a wedding planner who will not only listen to your requests but take them above and beyond this is the person for you! Andrew and his team will work with you and any obstacles that arise. He takes your ideas and will give you exactly what you want. If there is something you aren’t fond of, it will be changed. I can express the gratitude I had for Andrew and all his dedication he gave to my husband and I for our 10 year anniversary!!! I highly, highly recommend Andrew and Andrew Roby Events for any needs you may have. If you want everyone talking about your event afterwards there is no better company!!
My organization worked with Andrew for a large corporate event that runs exactly like a wedding (cocktails, dinner, dancing, late-night snack and brunch the next day). Specifically we needed help with creating a look and vision for the event that fit within our small budget. Andrew worked with us and found creative ways to create a beautiful event within our budget. He also took care of all day-of setup which provided a big stress relief leading up to the event. I’d recommend Andrew for any type of event and budget.
Dear Andrew & team! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work in planning my big 40th birthday bash! From start to finish, you provided excellent service and the utmost professionalism. The venue you recommended was so perfect and your guidance helped me tremendously in staying on budget. Thank you also for bringing such fresh ideas to make my party one to remember. It was one EPIC 80s/90s themed party! God bless you and your flourishing business. You are amazing at what you do! You’ll be hearing from me again for my next big event! XOXO