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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

Maya Angelou

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My name is Andrew and I’m a Proud Army Vet who happens to be a great DC Event and Wedding Planner! I like to call myself an Event Storyteller who is passionate about romantic weddings and engaging events.

I drink a lot of tea. Therefore, would fight you for some whiskey (kidding), love seafood, and was born in Miami so of course I LOVE TO HAVE FUN!!

Additionally, I’m a world traveler. I’ve been to 20 different countries and counting. 

Within my 13 year career I have had the honor of working with brands such as The Knot, Munaluchi Bride, The CW, Simon Malls, The Art Institute, Northern Virginia Magazine, The City of Alexandria, VA, Vita Coco, Kind Snacks, and Honest Tea. 

My work has been seen in Washingtonian Magazine, Modern Luxury, Wedding Chicks, Logo TV, CNN, Fox, Wedding Wire and many other leading publications. 

Above all, I’m most proud of my work with some tremendous charities like Ms. Veteran America, Susan G. Komen, The Cinderella Foundation, and So Others Might Eat who dedicate their lives to helping others. 

It’s not just about planning events. It certainly isn’t about me. It’s about making sure you get the best help to reach your bottom line. 

Finally, events are more than just logistical work. It’s what happens before, during and after each event that resonates the most with our clients. This is why we have a 5 star rating. I’m super grateful.


Where Was I Born

Miami. Florida


Favourite Food



Favourite Team

Lets Go HEAT!!


Guilty Pleasure

Eating Cereal While Watching Cartoons


Years As a Planner



Countries Visited

17 & Counting


Drink of Choice

Whiskey Please



Wedding Jedi Master!


I love events because I enjoy connecting with our clients. As a mom of 3 girls they tell me what they like and I try to make sure they have that. Being part of this team I get to watch our clients vision become their reality’s.
I enjoy all the chaos behind the scenes and all the amazing people I get to work with as a DC Event and Wedding Planner.

Where Was I Born




Favorite Food




Favourite Team


Carolina Everything!


Guilty Pleasure


I don’t think I have one I believe everything I do is right so I don’t feel guilty about it


Drink of Choice





Production King!


I love the creativity in developing uniquely themed events whether it’s on a small budget or large budget. Having the ability to be creative is an essential part of the event planning experience.  I enjoy the variety that each event brings; nothing is ever the same.

Every event is different and presents it own unique set of experiences and challenges. Most events will not take place in the same venue, which gives me as a planner, the opportunity to use a different canvas each time.

The entertainment and food will also differ, so it gives me the opportunity to work with others and expand my network of partners.

However, this is just couple of things that I love as a DC Event Planner. The most important part I enjoy about planning events is the PEOPLE! I love making people happy and seeing the smiles on their face. From the Clients to their guest, it’s all about pleasing them and understanding what they want. 

I enjoy being able to read between lines to determine what the client actually means and being able to innovatively deliver exactly what they meant. Oh! did I mention the travel. The great part is being able to do the job from anywhere in the world! These are just a few reason why I love being a DC Event and Wedding Planner.

Where Was I Born


Washington, DC


Favorite Food


Lamb Chops


Favorite Artist




Guilty Pleasure




Drink of Choice


Ciroc Mango and Club Soda




Details Queen!


I love events because I enjoy being a part of different people’s special day. It makes me feel good to be able to see a smile on their faces after their event has been revealed, even if I played a small or large roll. ⁣
I love to give clients the experience of a lifetime and hope that they feel special and valued by the service we provide. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party, being able to create something special is a feeling sometimes you can’t describe. ⁣
Being in the moment and behind the scenes making the magic happen and seeing the end result, makes it all worthwhile when event planning in DC and LA.

Where Was I Born


San Diego, California


Favorite Food


Fried chicken, cake and ice cream, mac n cheese, and desserts. 


Favorite Person




Guilty Pleasure


Online shopping, eating cake and ice cream, watching the Khardashian’s while drinking wine. 


Drink of Choice


Arnold Palmers and any drink that’s sweet and pretty




Vip/Guest Relations Wizard!

So you want to know why I love event and wedding planning? What’s the big deal, why do you do it, isn’t to much work?
Well, I love seeing the looks of joy and excitement on our clients’ faces when they see their visions come to life. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to help our clients create something extraordinary and special for them.
Secondly, I love watching people come together and creating powerful experiences that will leave our clients talking.
Lastly, I enjoy the opportunity I get to meet so many amazing people in this industry and building relationships and connections that last a lifetime.
With 16 years of experience in this industry, I’m blessed to do something I love which has opened so many doors and lead
me to so many amazing and awesome opportunities.
The best part about working with Andrew Roby Events is that we’re not just a team but we have come family who loves event and wedding planning in Washingon, DC.


Where Was I Born


Cheverly, MD


Favorite Food


Steak & Seafood


Favourite Team


Dallas Cowboys and Washington Nationals


Guity Pleasure


Eating ice cream


Drink of Choice



Raspberry Ice Tea


We are Andrew Roby Events

Your Washington, D.C. Wedding & Event Planners.

What has made our events magical over the last 10 years, is our ability to listen to you and create an experience based on your personality and style. Events and weddings will always be about you. We give you the meticulous attention to detail you deserve. You don’t compete for our attention, but we certainly compete with vendors and venues to ensure you get the absolute best. It’s a no stress type of relationship.

Whether it’s a conference, a LGBT wedding or a charitable fundraiser, we pride ourselves on building experiences that are surrounded by the love we have for you. We believe that you are our family and we want to give you the royal treatment with custom made services to fit your needs.

We are a boutique event management company which means we limit the amount of clients we take on each year to eliminate being overburden and decreasing our quality of service to you. What does this mean? We produce no more than two weddings each month and no more than 6 corporate or social events each month. This ensures you have quality service and adequate attention to your events. There is never anything more important to us than your event or wedding! Each of our previous clients can tell you how much they appreciate this style of service.


Award Winning Washington, DC Event & Wedding Planner

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