If you’ve ever been to a five-star restaurant, you may have noticed certain elements that contributed to the fancy ambiance.

Dim lighting. Instrumental music. An elegant color palette. Each element is carefully thought out to create the perfect atmosphere.

The same is true for weddings. You and your wedding planner are responsible for creating that atmosphere. And when it comes down to setting the tone, it’s all in the details.

Here are nine critical details. Individually, they seem small, but they can work together to help create just the right tone for your wedding.

1. The Layout

The general layout and feng shui of your ceremony/reception will contribute to its overall feel. Where do you want the ceremony to happen? Where do you want your guests to be? It’s important to plan these details early in the planning process so you can give vendors dimensions for set-up, crowd flow, capacity, and price quotes. Many brides and grooms find it helpful to visit the venue and map it out on paper—every detail matters.

2. The Lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to create ambiance. It’s truly incredible what a difference lighting makes; it can completely transform a room and change the overall mood in an instant. Not only can you decide how dim you want the lighting to be to create a romantic ambiance, but you can also add colored accent lighting to contribute to your wedding colors or create a specific vibe. Perhaps you use amber-colored lighting during dinner to set the mood and then change it to purples, pinks, and blues when people start hitting the dance floor. Candles are another great way to bring romance to your wedding. Not only do they provide light, but they are a gorgeous addition to any event.

3. The Colors

When choosing a color palette for your event, it’s important to choose colors that are “you.” The colors you choose will significantly contribute to your theme and mood. We recommend selecting a color palette instead of just one or two colors. You can add depth and dimension to your overall look by incorporating various beautiful shades of your primary color. Try to choose colors that will look good with your venue.

4. The Shape and Size of the Tables

People rarely think about how the shapes and sizes of their tables will affect the overall feel of the room, yet these elements naturally evoke certain feelings. Do you want many small round tables? Fewer long rectangular tables? Square tables? You might choose to be unique and do a mix of both.

5. The Centerpieces

Whatever you display on your tables is going to be noticed and admired. What message do you want to send with your table décor? Do you want simple red roses that scream romance and bliss? Perhaps you want something overgrown and over the top. Maybe you want nothing to do with flowers and instead stick with candles or greenery.

6. The Dessert

The cool part about a wedding cake is that it doubles as a decoration. Place it somewhere in the room where it’s going to be seen. Have fun with your cake décor. You may decide to add fresh flowers or have your baker create yummy sugar flowers. Elevate that cake to add more dimension and personality to your reception. You don’t have to stick with a cake if something else matches your style better. There’s nothing wrong with opting for cupcakes, doughnuts, or cookies for an “out of the box” vibe.

7. The Music

Music is a critical element in setting the tone at your wedding. Will you have a DJ, a live band, or a quartet? Will you have music playing throughout the reception or only during dancing? What kind of music are you and your partner into? Music is also a great way to transition from dinner to dancing and liven the party up to encourage fun. If you opt for a DJ, ensure they are good at reading the crowd and getting everyone pumped up. Your form of entertainment is essential because it can contribute to how much fun your guests have.

8. The Fabrics

Using different textures and fabrics is a great way to add personal style and flair to your wedding. Mix and match your linens, chair covers, and sashes for a cohesive yet unique look. Get creative and think about the big picture. How will these elements mesh with the other décor? Which colors look good on which fabrics? Linens, chair covers, and sashes are a subtle way to add ambiance.

9. The Surroundings

Your surroundings are at your disposal; take advantage of them. Think about your surroundings when choosing a venue. It’s more cost-effective to have your reception in a green room than to transform a ballroom into a green space. Think about views. Do you want a gorgeous view of the sunset? Maybe you choose a venue with a view of free amusement park fireworks and end with a big bang! Think about the area surrounding your venue and whether it will support or detract from your event. Is there another venue nearby that is particularly loud and will disrupt your wedding?

The details count, and your careful preparation can ensure that they are all tended to and that they work together to support your vision for your wedding. And whether you’re planning a huge wedding or are on the hunt for a micro wedding planner, we’d love to take on the challenge of carefully planning each element to create an extraordinary wedding for you and your significant other.


If you’ve ever journeyed to a restaurant with a five-star rating, you might have noticed specific features that contributed to the prestigious atmosphere. To create the ideal environment, every component has been carefully considered. Weddings are the same way. The following nine points may seem minor taken individually, but implemented together, they might help impose the perfect whole tone for your wedding.

9 Features of a Classic Wedding Infographic


Set the Right Tone for Your Wedding with These 9 Details