The pressure is no joke. You want to propose to your partner and do it on the most romantic holiday, but the nerves start to creep in every time you begin to plan it.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is a power move, one that we are all about. As luxury wedding planners in DC, Los Angeles, and Dallas, we’ve seen (and even helped plan) some over the top Valentine’s Day wedding proposals.

We love romance, and planning an epic proposal is the perfect way to elevate the day of love. Plus, it may be the ideal way to throw your partner off; they’ll believe you are just planning something for Valentine’s Day. Little do they know how unforgettable the day will turn out to be.

Here are nine ideas for designing an ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day wedding proposal.

1. First-Class Car Service

What better way to make your partner feel fancy on Valentine’s Day than having a chauffeur drive you around? They’ll already be swooning over how romantic you are and will get the surprise of a lifetime when you pop the question.

To make this day extra special, skip the Ubers and Lyfts and opt for a luxury car service.

2. Sweets that Steal Their Heart

If your lover has a major sweet tooth, incorporate their favorites into the proposal. For the ultimate donut lover who is not a fan of being the center of attention, spell out “Will You Marry Me?” with donuts and surprise them with the edible display during a romantic night in. Make sure to take plenty of pictures before devouring the donuts.

3. Helicopter Love Ride

If you have the budget and your girlfriend or boyfriend would appreciate a big gesture, then a helicopter ride would be the perfect way to create a memorable engagement day. What hopeless romantic wouldn’t want a proposal 10,000 ft in the sky?

4. Bucket List Hot Air Balloon Ride

Many have it on their bucket list to take a hot air balloon ride at least once in their life. If your partner is part of the bucket list bunch, give them a “hand” in crossing it off the list. They can cross off a romantic engagement while they’re at it.

Taking a hot air balloon ride is weather permitting, so keep the time of year in mind. And before you start planning, consider whether your partner would truly be on board with this idea. If they’re afraid of heights, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the views are; this idea will go over like, well, a lead balloon!

5. Perfect Private Chef

Is fancy food the way to their heart? Hiring a private chef could be the perfect way to wow them and their taste buds. An exclusive three-course meal will impress them so much that they won’t even anticipate the proposal after dessert — it will be the cherry on top.

6. 14 Days of Surprises

Start February off by showering your sweetheart with romantic and fun gifts. Whether it’s homemade treats, tickets to a show, jewelry, a rose a day, or a different creative idea, give a gift that represents your love for them every day leading up to Valentine’s Day. This will be the perfect setup to provide the best gift of all on Valentine’s Day: a sparkling ring and a life-changing question.

7. Flower Delivery Galore

A bouquet is standard practice on Valentine’s Day, but what about multiple flower deliveries throughout the day, with the last delivery including a special question—and YOU down on one knee?

8. Special Song

Are you musically inclined, and your partner goes crazy for it? Consider using your talents to write a personalized song to pop the question. It’s thoughtful. It’s romantic. It would be tough to say no to. You could even use the song for your first dance on your wedding day.

9. Public Proposal

If your partner basks in being the center of attention, a proposal that includes a grand entrance, a crowd, or a dedicated audience would be the way to go. Make them feel like a star for a night. This could include a concert proposal that the performers are in on, which will require a lot of planning. Or, you could tell your partner to meet you somewhere and set them up to walk into a big party of family and friends. You could also propose near a landmark that you know will have a lot of people around to witness it.

Consider Hiring a Party Planner

For the more extravagant proposal ideas, you’ll likely need help pulling it off. If asking friends and family to help you orchestrate the whole thing stresses you out, it may be worth looking into event planning services to ease some of the overwhelm and ensure proper execution.

You can incorporate one or more of the above ideas into your picture-perfect and ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day proposal. Remember that Valentine’s Day is a popular night for going out, so make restaurant reservations or any other arrangements to avoid a last-minute panic. You’ve got this. Now, get planning!


Love in Bloom: Nine Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal


Valentine’s Day can be an excellent opportunity to propose to your partner. It is a powerful gesture that can surprise your loved one and make it an unforgettable day for both of you. Take a look at the infographic and plan the perfect proposal to make your partner feel special.

9 Valentine Proposal Ideas Infographic