Planning a luxury wedding is no small feat, but doing adequate research, turning to a trusted professional, and checking off some essential boxes during the planning stages can alleviate stress and allow you to enjoy your wedding planning journey all along the way.

There are many moving parts when planning any event, but the stress is often amplified when planning a luxury wedding. You have likely been dreaming about this day for a lifetime so there’s extra pressure to execute it with perfection. What’s more, you’re new to the process so you’re trying to plan without prior experience.

Usually, mistakes help us learn and grow, but an error in wedding planning can lead to disappointment and regret. We’re here to help you avoid five of the most common missteps.

1. Trying to Do it all Yourself

Three words: luxury wedding planner. Need we say more? A luxury wedding planner is an essential guide to help you navigate this experience. It’s what we do for a living. We live, breathe and sweat luxury weddings. We know their ins and outs, so we know how to resolve conflict and crises quickly.

We know how to set a budget and timetable and stay on the right track to honor them. We know how much things cost and which luxury vendors would be the right fit for your style. We know how to draft contracts with these vendors and manage them.

If you’re going for total luxury, a luxury wedding planner to act as your personal concierge and connect you to the best vendors and venues will be well worth the investment.

2. Making Plans Before Setting a Budget

Money: it’s the root of most wedding planning fights. It can cause tension, awkwardness, and resentment. But that can all be avoided if you and your partner set a budget together before planning anything.

Your budget should be the foundation of your planning. Set a realistic budget. Don’t go bankrupt for your wedding. Do some math, think about life after the wedding, and come up with a budget you are both comfortable with. Make sure everyone who is contributing financially is on the same page.

Your luxury wedding planner should be able to allocate your funds, committing them in ways that will produce the most sparkle for the spend.

3. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Buy Wedding Attire

You may have a dream dress or tux in mind, but if you don’t purchase it well in advance, it may be sold out and/or back-ordered. You want to look like a million on your wedding day so start early to make this a reality.

Don’t forget that your wedding attire may require alterations so budget in extra time to accomplish the perfect fit.

4. Not Standing up For Yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you what you want. It’s your wedding, and you and your partner get to call the shots. You may be hearing dozens of opinions, and you should graciously take them into consideration, but at the end of the day, you need to settle on the things that make you and your partner happy. Doing any less could engender frustration and regret.

Those who genuinely love you will want the day to be everything YOU envision and more. Be upfront, honest, and communicate clearly with everyone involved. If you don’t have clear communication from the start, things can go wrong and cost unnecessary time, money and stress.

5. Forgetting Why You’re doing it All in the First Place

Because the wedding day is such a big event, it can trigger high emotions. And with all of the planning and decision making, it can be easy to forget what’s important at the end of the day: your love for your partner. Don’t forget to make your relationship the priority and to nurture and care for each other throughout the wedding planning process.

A luxury wedding planner can shoulder the nuts-and-bolts stresses so that you have time to devote to your partner during this singular time of your engagement. They can tend to invitations, the venue selection, vendor selection and contracts, entertainment, photography and more. Sure, they’ll need your input so they can make sure that they are aligning with your wishes, but a luxury wedding planner should be taking care of the execution.

The details of your glamorous wedding are ever so exciting but not as important as your union.
Keep this in mind when making decisions. Choose what is unique to the two of you over what is trending on Instagram. Mistakes tend to arise once a couple loses sight of what’s most important.

You’ve dreamed of your wedding day, and we’re not about to let you ruin it with rookie mistakes. Steer clear of these common pitfalls so you can stay on track for a low-stress, high-joy wedding planning experience.


Luxury weddings necessitate the assistance of a skilled event planner. Planning an event is complicated, and event planners are trained to help couples deal with the parts that could be overwhelming. They have experience negotiating contracts and budgets and choosing vendors and locations. A wedding planner can also offer guidance on etiquette, fashion, themes, and event arrangements.

5 Tips to Avoid Luxury Wedding Mistakes Infographic


Avoid These 5 Luxury Wedding Planning Mistakes