Fostering a commitment to environmental sustainability has become paramount in the events industry, and we are behind it 100%. Whether it’s a luxury wedding, upbeat birthday bash, or professional corporate conference, it’s always possible to prioritize eco-friendliness in your planning.

It starts with your mindset and commitment. You can start by adopting one new eco-friendly practice each time you plan an event until you are an expert at implementing sustainable practices. Here are seven steps to take toward planning an environmentally friendly event.

1. Consider Digital Invitations

As more and more people join the movement toward sustainability, digital invitations have gained popularity. Not only does this save trees and prevent waste, but it also helps to streamline the entire RSVP process. Many platforms offer customizable templates for any occasion, allowing you to personalize your invites and add interactive features such as digital maps. Digital invitations make the process easier and save the hosts and guest’s time. Plus, it helps to prevent guests from losing their invitation as it is stored safely on a phone.

Digital invitations offer benefits beyond environmental advantages. They provide the convenience of linking to your digital calendar and receiving timely reminders and updates. This helps keep your guests updated and in the loop. They’re a win for the planet and a win for your event.

2. Choose a Venue That Promotes Sustainability

Choosing a venue for your eco-friendly event will set the stage for the other aspects of your event. Look for venues committed to implementing sustainable energy efficiency and waste reduction practices. Outdoor venues in the middle of Mother Nature’s beauty are often an excellent choice because they require fewer resources and decorations. They also provide a jaw-dropping natural backdrop for your celebration. Think gardens, parks, or beaches.

In addition to considering the physical attributes of your venue, choose a venue with easy accessibility and a low environmental impact. Try to check out locations that won’t require excessive travel and will help to reduce your carbon footprint. The less transportation, the better. Ask venue managers about their:

  • Energy sources
  • Waste management practices
  • View on sustainability

By choosing venues that align with your philosophies on sustainability, you’re doing your part to support the broader movement toward sustainability in the events industry.

3. Select Minimalistic, Sustainable Decor

Decorations contribute dramatically to the overall feel and aesthetics of your event. They can also have a profound effect on the environment. You can contribute to your commitment to sustainability by using reusable or sustainability-sourced decorations. Examples include:

  • Potted plants and flowers
  • Reclaimed Wooden letters
  • Vintage and second-hand linens
  • Eco-friendly candles
  • Solar LED lights

Be sure to use recyclable materials and avoid single-use or disposable decorations. For banners or signs, consider sustainable materials, including recycled paper fabric or bamboo. Some simple decor choices can help prevent unnecessary waste and reduce your event’s ecological footprint.

4. Work With Eco-Friendly Caterers

Choose your vendors wisely when planning your environmentally-friendly soirée. Choose caterers who source local, organic ingredients and offer menus that leave minimal food waste. Plant-based options are lovely. Avoid wasteful plastic cutlery and opt for reusable or compostable options. For corporate events, encourage guests to bring a reusable water bottle to prevent plastic waste.

5. Implement a Waste Reduction System

One significant step toward being more eco-friendly is to promote recycling and encourage proper waste disposal throughout your event. In addition to choosing a venue that implements a waste reduction system, do your part. Labeling bins for different types of waste is a simple way to encourage guests to dispose of waste appropriately. You could even go the extra mile and partner with local recycling facilities to keep as much waste as possible from landfills.

6. Be Mindful of Energy Efficiency

One way to reduce your event’s carbon footprint is using energy-efficient appliances and lighting. The best way to conserve energy and electricity is by using as much natural light as possible. Keep this in mind when choosing a time for your event. It is much easier to conserve energy at daytime events. Solar-powered lights are an excellent option for outdoor events. String lights that are solar-powered offer a beautifully romantic touch while saving energy.

7. Plan to Gift Green Party Favors

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to stop at the party favors. You can show appreciation to your attendees and commitment to sustainability by crafting party favors that include reusable shopping bags, materials made of bamboo, or beautiful potted plants. Guests often love eco-friendly gifts because they are practical, usable, and show your lasting commitment to the environment.

You can adopt one, some, or all of our above tips to do your part for the environment. Adjusting your mindset and committing to sustainability can be a learned process, but taking small steps can make a huge difference in minimizing your carbon footprint and forming good habits. If you need event planning services in Dallas, D.C., or Los Angeles to help craft your beautiful, unique, and sustainable event, Andrew Roby Events has a team ready to help.