As Event Planners we are always looking for ways to inspire potential additions to our family aka clients. Inspiration comes from music, museums, other planners, and a few others we listed via our Facebook video. One of our favorite ways to express inspiration is through shoots like this jewel tone wedding style shoot.

Style shoots allow us to collaborate with incredible professionals. It also gives us a chance to work with those who are new to the concept like our models Mikea and Tyler. Mikea and I are Facebook friends, but it wasn’t until I saw a picture of her and Tyler together that sparked my interest in shooting them. Yes they are an actual couple, which made our job much easier. 

Tyler was a bit nervous, but I think he warmed up quite nicely to Photographer Mary Kate McKenna. The concept was to use a jewel tone color palette that was light enough for a summer wedding. We wanted something that had a mix of modern, industrial, and elegance. 

The Sofitel was an ideal location for the jewel tone wedding shoot. Sofitel recently went through a mesmerizing renovation that evoked the modern feel that we needed. The hotel features a large emerald sofa and other sitting areas that complemented our palette. It also brought in the industrial and modern elements from their marble, crown modeling, and chandeliers.

We wanted to capture a sophisticated couple that thrives in city living. They are millennials who enjoy modern sophistication. Creating something that wasn’t too busy or too dry was key. Thanks to all of our creative partners, we were able to create this jewel tone shoot.

Our Partners:

MK McKenna Photography , Davis Designs LLC , Select Event Group , White Glove Rentals , Sofitel , House of JonLei Atelier , Nosegay Flowers , Fluffy Thoughts , Shauné Hayes Makeup + Hair Artists , Hair Stylist Dionne Anderson Stylez