Now that you understand the benefits of marriage counseling from Part 1 of our series, it’s time to talk about the next chapter. Have you started on your wedding plan?

You have told family and friends about your engagement it’s time to get a plan of action together so that you stay on track. A wedding plan is one of the most overlooked things to do when it comes to your wedding. Don’t believe me?

Did you already start picking out a wedding day? Have you already start staking up on wedding magazines for ideas? Did you already create a list of ideal Wedding Planners?

The list goes on, but the point is…how do you know what you really want without creating a wedding plan? We want you to avoid overspending on things you simply do not need. It’s like going to the grocery store without a list. We end up spending more than we want to later find out we already had some of these things at home.

Here’s a few of the many reasons why creating a wedding plan is the second step to take when planning your wedding. P.S. this is not a Wedding Planning Checklist. That comes much later in this series.


Yes you knew that was coming. A budget is probably one of the last things couples, even Wedding Planners, seem to talk about. Imagine going to a car dealership and being blindfolded. The Salesman says I want you to stick your hand in the bucket and pick out a set of keys. After you take off the blindfold you realize you picked out keys to a Ashton Martin. Now if you had told the Salesman ahead of time that you were only looking to spend $40,000 on a car, he may have handed you a different bucket.

Same thing goes for wedding planning. Your budget will prevent you from living through a series of disappointments. It says this is what I know we can afford so don’t show me what you know we can’t.



Each couple is different and it’s important to outline what makes you different with a theme and style of wedding (both are not one in the same).


Theme: Harlem Renaissance

Style: I want it to be Black tie and very elegant. Or I want it to be jazzy, carefree, and casual.

Who Do You Need?

Figuring out who you need should start with a conversation between you and your fiance. Let’s say you are debating how much work you want to put into your wedding. You have to decide if you want a Wedding Planner to provide full service or do you want a Wedding Planner to provide partial service, day of coordination, or even serve as a consultant. Same thing goes for other vendors.

What Do you Love

Having a list of things you love will keep you from being disappointed by the things you don’t. The things you love can be presented via mood boards or even Pinterest Boards. However, if you go this route please ensure that you cut back. It’s no secret that brides love Pinterest and that means possibly having hundreds of images in each board. It’s hard to focus on what specifically you love when you have so many items.

Guests and Wedding Party


My my my this is a touchy topic that we recently covered in a YouTube video. Who do you invite to your event and who not to invite. Check that video out for sure. Same thing applies to your wedding party.

These things are a part of your core wedding plan, but there is more to consider. This is a great wedding plan example to ensure you have a great wedding plan before you start doing anything that can possibly waste time or money.