Overworked. Undervalued. We’ve all felt it at some point in our corporate journey. As a leader at your company, you want to help your team feel empowered, appreciated, and refueled. It all comes down to high morale and mutual respect, and one of the best ways to foster these attributes is through team building retreats.

Here are five reasons you should get a corporate party or retreat in the books:

1. Boosts Communication

With so many different personalities, job titles, and projects, it can be difficult to get everyone communicating and to communicate with your team in ways that resonate with everyone. However, when you take the time to get to know each other outside the office and view your co-workers with a new lens, some amazing things start to happen. You discover each other’s communication styles and personality types and begin to see beneath the surface. Each person has different motivators, and knowing those of your colleagues can exponentially help in team building and communication.

Consider taking personality tests at your corporate event to help distinguish personality types and strengthen workplace relationships in a fun way.

2. Creates Positive Energy

Sometimes, a corporate retreat, party, or workshop is exactly what someone on your team needs to rejuvenate and feel uplifted. The corporate world can wear you down, but a fun event can break the monotony. It can recharge those positive vibes and generate positive energy and momentum.

3. Builds Connections

When co-workers can laugh together about inside jokes and reminisce about shared memories, they feel more bonded, and that can lead to greater team productivity and higher morale. A business event, like a party or retreat, is the perfect way to create these bonds between employees that translate into vibrant workplace relationships.

4. Establishes a Collective Culture

As a company leader, company culture starts with you. You can help define it by, first, hiring exceptional employees and, second, creating opportunities for your employees to thrive and bond as a team. You can do this by planning corporate retreats that reflect your team’s interests and help reinforce your company values.

5. Shows Appreciation

Many working Americans feel undervalued at their job, but not yours, because you take the time to show your appreciation through employee-centered events. You care enough about your employees to plan something inclusive that a majority will enjoy. If you go the extra mile to show your appreciation, your colleagues will feed off your energy. This will create a positive domino effect of gratitude.

6. Celebrates Wins

Big wins are the perfect excuse to round up the team and celebrate their contributions. Doing so naturally increases happiness levels, team engagement, and productivity. According to a Harvard Business Review report, workers with superiors prioritizing employee recognition are 40% more engaged than their counterparts whose bosses undervalue them. This alone is reason enough to prioritize team-building events.

7. Motivates Employees

People love to feel motivated and inspired. However, as the days can sometimes feel mundane and long, it can take a lot of work to stay self-motivated. An event is the perfect way to spark motivation in your team and give them a purpose. Whether you plan a company retreat or a hype company party, employees will feed off your excitement and feel enriched and motivated, creating a solid foundation to build on throughout the year.

Are You Missing Other Corporate Event Opportunities?

Corporate events provide powerful ways to engage employees and customers. We’ve discussed business event planning for internal team-building. Here are a few other corporate events that build momentum outside of your business as well.


Conferences allow you to connect with a target audience, usually by educating and/or motivating them. People look to corporate conferences to enhance knowledge, share ideas, and network with others. Holding a conference can establish your organization as an authority in your industry, build brand recognition, and allow you to connect with people who could ultimately become clients. These conferences can also be a great way to drive revenue through ticket sales and sponsorships.


For more intimate crowds who want to discover new tools, achieve certifications, and boost their knowledge on a subject, workshops can be a great educational tool. You can offer the workshop for a specific target audience or hold an internal workshop to educate your employees.

Trade Shows

Ready to show off and offer opportunities to upskill? A trade show is a great way to do that. Trade shows are often part of a marketing strategy to capture more leads and raise brand awareness.

Product Launches

After putting your heart and soul into a new product, a product launch event may be the best way to debut your product, engage your target demographic, and generate buzz about your new product.

If you need a corporate event planner in Los Angeles, Dallas, or D.C. to help you plan the perfect, inclusive event, contact us today. We’ll get smart on your target audience and your company mission and culture, then plan the perfect event to accomplish just what you need it to.