One thing that I am so tired of seeing are boring looking Grooms and Groomsmen. I’m also tired of hearing Grooms say they don’t need to look as good as their mate. Where did you learn this from?I’m now judging every single Groom and Groomsmen who look as if they have borrowed their uncle’s suit to wear at their wedding.

To you Grooms out there, this is your day too. Please do not believe that your partner is the only one people are coming to see. That’s why we split up the ceremony space to identify who’s with whom.

Some of you struggle with being fashionable and that is totally ok because we all do not have the fashion bug that allows us to be on the cover of Vogue. Because of that, I have come with a few tips that will allow you to up your game and be just as noticeable as your Bride. Don’t you dare skip over any of these tips. 

The Fashionable Groom Tips:

#1 – The first step in becoming a fashionable Groom is ensuring you dedicate part of your wedding budget to YOU. Yes YOU!!! Brides tend to dedicate 3 times as much on their gown, so why are you not responsible for looking just as good? Grooms you are a compliment to your partner so ensure you are adding and not taking away from your wedding photos.

#2 – Understand what your wedding theme or style is. A wedding theme is something like theHarlem Renaissance Weddingtheme we recently did. Style is saying that you want your wedding to be formal, semi-formal, or even casual. Once you know this, you can determine what you can wear.

Fashionable Groom Tips

Groom and groomsmen

#3 – Understand the formality of the venue you are using. If you are using a barn or a banquet hall, you may not want to wear a tuxedo to your wedding because it clashes with the venue. If you are using a ballroom or a very upscale venue like the Biltmore Estate, wearing a regular suit is absolutely the wrong thing to wear.

Fashionable Groom Tips


#4 – Ask your partner what he or she is wearing. You don’t have to get a photo of what they are wearing. Knowing things like are they wearing a tuxedo, the length of her gown, and color are critical things to know. 

Critical Tips

#5 – Please dress for your body type. What works for one Groom may not always work for every Groom. This is where I tell you that off the shelf anything may not be the way to go for such a special day. Tailors are not the enemy. Spend time with a Stylist like Keri Henderson and ask for help.  

#6 – Your wedding day is not the time to be twins, triplets, or quadruplets with your Groomsmen. NO! STOP! DON’T YOU DARE! I get so dizzy when I see Grooms and Groomsmen looking exactly alike. Like which one of you is the Groom? When have you ever seen the Bride and Bridesmaids look the same?

Fashionable Groom Tips

Groom and Groomsmen

Yeah, they are your boys, but this is your day. As the Groom you need a look that will distinguish you from every single person you meet. Maybe it’s a white dinner coat. Maybe it’s wearing blue when they are in black. Something, I beg of you.

Furthermore, the cute trend for having colorful sock are cute and should be left up to the Ring bearers.   Bridesmaids have different style dresses and even colors. They have hair, makeup, and bouquets so why on earth do you feel having colored socks would ever reach the level to compete with them?

#7 – Tuxedos, satin lapels, and patient leather are not the only options for you. Since you have a Stylist, they can help you identify what items based on the season work well for you and your body type. Not everyone needs to wear a tuxedo. Suits can be just as dramatic as many tuxedo options and better fitted for your venue. Play with textures like suede. Consider patterns verses solids. Consider blue, grey, purple, burgundy or white. Add dimension by wearing a waistcoat or cufflinks, pocket watches, and tie tacks.

Fashionable Groom Tips


Grooming Musts

#8 – Grooming will never question your masculinity. For such an important day where hundreds of people will be in close proximity to you, we want you look after a few things. 

  • Begin a healthy skin routine that includes a moisturizer, SPF, and exfoliating at least twice a week.

  • If you are going to shave or get a haircut, consider doing this a few days before and not the day of. Mayhem happens and the last thing you want is limited time to address issues.

  • Please get a manicure and pedicure. Due to shaking tons of hands, no one needs a paper cut from your coarse hands. Your partner doesn’t need to be clawed to death from your toes either.

  • Many couples have sex on wedding night. Consider a little manscaping down there. Trust me when I say Brides will have this done so why not you?

#9 – Please consider having a second look for your reception. Because your partner is doing a second look it’s only fair that you should also. Even if it’s taking off your coat and having a waist coat or changing the color of your coat. Brides don’t be petty on this tip. Let your mate shine as well.

In conclusion we hope you all enjoyed these simple, but often forgotten tips about looking dapper on your wedding day. If you need more help, feel free to download our Wedding Guide