When it comes down to it, the best season for your wedding is the one that accommodates your preferences for the ideal event. If you’ve always pictured a summer wedding on the beach, then plan for summer. Prepare for winter if a Winter Wonderland is your wedding day dream.

Perhaps you’ve always pictured autumn leaves falling as the backdrop of your ceremony, in which case a fall wedding would be perfect. For the flower lovers, spring might be the best option.

Marriages happen all year long. But, if you’re on the fence about when to have your wedding, here’s the tea on wedding seasons.

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Usually, brides and grooms know right away if a winter wedding suits their style or not: the darker colors, the colder weather (possibly with snow), and the seasonal food.

If you’re a bride who has your heart set on a strapless wedding dress and wants your pictures taken outdoors, a winter wedding might not be for you. However, if you’re planning a wedding in the Los Angeles area, then weather most likely won’t be a factor at all. Our LA clients have the luxury of having warm weather all year long.

If you live in a cooler climate and are a hard core winter fan, you might even spend part of your wedding planning experience praying for snowfall on your exact wedding day to create a white palette for swoon-worthy pictures. Here are some pros and cons for a winter wedding:


  • Snow creates the perfect canvas for whimsical photos
  • Seasonal food options can create a uniquely delicious dinner menu
  • Perfect for an abundance of candles and fireplaces
  • Vendors will be more affordable because winter is a slower season for weddings


  • Competing with the holidays (a lot of guests might not come)
  • Unpredictable weather
  • It gets darker sooner
  • Outfits will need to accommodate the cold


What’s not to love about a wedding in the springtime? Beautiful blooms that fragrance the air, lovely lighting, and beautiful pastel colors. Spring can be one of the most charming times of the year to have a wedding because of its natural beauty and vibrant colors that pair perfectly with a white dress. This all makes life easy for photographers.

Here are some pros and cons of having a spring wedding:


  • The bloomed flowers will create natural beauty for pictures
  • People aren’t usually as busy in the spring
  • More freedom with selecting a gown because it won’t be too hot or too cold
  • Springtime usually has overcast skies, which create the perfect lighting


  • Weather can be unpredictable if you want an outdoor venue
  • If your eyes get puffy from seasonal allergies, a spring wedding might not be best
  • More expensive than a winter wedding because of supply and demand
  • It might be harder to get vendors booked on your desired date


Summer is a popular and convenient time for weddings. Kids are on summer break, relatives have saved up their paid time off, the sun is shining, the flower options are beautiful, brides have a glorious summer glow, and weather will not be a concern for those traveling far.

We love summer weddings. However, many invitees may have summer vacations planned and will have to choose between your wedding or their planned trip. This dilemma can be avoided with coordination and sending out save-the-dates far in advance.


  • Endless food options
  • Daylight lasts longer
  • Allows for a night wedding
  • Flowers are in rich supply


  • It might be too hot (hair and makeup could wilt, guests could be uncomfortable)
  • Guests may be traveling elsewhere
  • Too much sunshine can create harsh lighting for photos
  • Need to book far in advance so vendors are available


Your guests will fall in love with your fall wedding. If you love all things pumpkin, flannel, and burgundy, then you may already know that you want a fall wedding. Fall might be the best of both worlds when it comes to weather. You can still incorporate cozy options without dealing with harsh temperatures.

We have planned some stunning fall weddings with darker color palettes, and it all comes down to your style and vision. Fall weddings have a lot of upsides, but they also have some cons to consider.


  • Natural beauty
  • Weather is the most predictable in the fall
  • The natural fall colors for scenery provide a free backdrop
  • Days are still long enough


  • Potential dry skin
  • Guests may be cash-strapped after a summer of traveling
  • It might be too cold for outdoor venues
  • People often used up all of their paid time off during summer

We love each season for different reasons. Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding. What does the weather look like? What are your colors? Which aspects are a priority for you? What’s on the menu? Ultimately, your vision is the most important one, and we would love to help make it come to life!

We offer wedding and micro-wedding planning services in D.C., Dallas, and Los Angeles all year long. We focus on telling a story through each event we plan, a story that is unique and special to you.