The role of an Event Planner can be tricky. In the event industry there are so many moving parts. So many people who do very specific things. Yet even with so much variety, the role of an Event Planner can often be blurry. 

In many cases your local Event Planner may be called upon to carry out things he or she does not normally do. Often times when speaking with new clients, there are a lot of myths as to what an event planner actually does. 

In a nutshell, the most common thought is that the Event Planner is responsible for everything. 

To be honest, that is not always true. 

So what is the role of an Event Planner? Let’s find out together. 

Event Planner Role

role-of-an-event-planner-andrew-roby-eventsAn Event Planner does far more than finding venues and vendors. It’s more than timelines and budget crunching. It’s an Event Planner’s job to ensure everything related to your event or wedding is taken
care of. This does not necessarily mean that the Event Planner is going to do everything.

A great Event Planner knows how to delegate work and ensure nothing is overlooked. When coming up with an event or wedding idea, the Event Planner will take your concept and begin to figure out how to execute your dream. The goal is to come up with unique experiences that ties in all of the ingredients that will make your event or wedding shine. 











The role of an Event Planner Includes:

  • Meeting with clients
  • Scouting locations
  • Managing budgets
  • Communication
  • Contract Negotiating
  • Managing all third parties such as vendors
  • Staffing
  • Guest Relations
  • Day of logistics and management

These are a few responsibilities of an Event Planner. However, based on your project, these roles can increase or decrease. 

What Skills Do Event Planners Need?


One of the key skills that an Event Planner needs is imagination. This isn’t something you can learn in school, but can be developed overtime. Thinking outside-the-box and being creative is what sets events apart. 

No client wants their event or wedding to look the same as someone else. Certainly clients bring in photos of other events, but ultimately they love a certain thing about it. 

Another skill that is essential to the role of an Event Planner is being quick on your feet. Even with the best of plans, things can go wrong. Maybe a vendor had a family emergency. Or the venue had a fire a week before your release party. Perhaps your keynote speaker is running late and you have to figure out how to stall. Al of these can happen and an Event Planner must be ready with answers. 

Procrastination isn’t a strong suit for Event Planners. Planners must be on time. Must know how to keep things flowing smoothly. Has to be meticulous with everything. Not having this skill can turn into a ripple affect for everything else. 

Lastly, Planners should have some formal training in management and running a business. Running an event is similar to running a business, but on a smaller scale. Not knowing how to manage people or keep records and event hold people accountable will cause events to fail. We don’t want that. 

8 Hats You Didn’t Know Event Planners Wore

What doesn’t an Event Planner Do?

If we are using the traditional definition of an Event Planner, there are a number of things that fall outside of the role. Often people blur the lines which sets false expectations when seeking to hire an Event Planner near you. 

Here are some myths: 

  • Not All Event Planners can design your event or wedding
  • Event Planners are not Personal Assistants
  • They are not Florists, rental companies, or caterers
  • Planners are not travel agents
  • They are not promoters
  • Event Planners are not marketing or public relations specialist
  • They are not Coordinators

In Conclusion

It’s important that you ask your Event Planner what they can and are unable to do before you sign their contract. Having clear expectations up front will ensure you have a smooth planning process. Have you asked, “who is an event planner near me?” Contact us to discover how we can improve your next event or wedding.