Your Guide to a Luxurious LGBTQ+ Wedding


You might wonder if there are special requirements for same-sex couples to obtain a marriage license, and that depends on the county. As of 2023, DC does not require couples to be residents for them to get married there. A list of requirements for gay marriage in DC is in the article linked below.

LGBTQ+-Friendly Venues

 When you find that special place to exchange vows, you’ll feel a calmness and joy sweep over you. You’ll be able to picture your big day there. We have connections with dozens of luxury venues that welcome LGBTQ+ couples with open arms. As a black-owned event planning company, we work solely with vendors who place the same high priority on inclusivity as we do.

The Luxurious Little Details

When preparing for a big event, it can be easy to struggle trying to juggle life, work, planning, and everything in between.  Here are seven details to plan with your partner ahead of time to ensure stress-free planning.

The Attire

Sometimes opposites attract, so if you and your partner have completely different styles, you may want to come up with a happy medium on wedding attire, or you may rock your polarizing styles to create a truly “you” vibe.

Wedding Party

Do you plan to have a wedding party? If so, will you opt for one large group or separate maids of honor or best men for each of you?  This is another detail worth discussing with your partner in advance.

Walking Down the Aisle

What do you feel is best for your wedding ceremony? • Take turns walking down the aisle with the special people in your life • Have two aisles • Have no aisle

How Traditional Do You Want It

Your wedding gives you free rein to keep the traditions you love and toss the ones that don’t excite you.  Feel free to incorporate your unique traditions to make the day more meaningful.

Bachelor(ette) Celebrations

Let the fun begin! If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, talk with your partner about having a combined party or separate parties..

Last Name

To keep, swap, hyphenate, not hyphenate— that is a question only you and your partner can answer!  The choice is yours!

The Food

What type of decadent deliciousness do you and your guests want to enjoy at your wedding?  Do you want appetizers, a main course, and dessert? Do you want a formal dinner or a luxury buffet? Or something casual like a food truck? Whatever you choose, guests will remember, so choose wisely!

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