Planning a Corporate Retreat that Cant Be beat

Determine Your Company Goals

What’s the purpose of this retreat?  • Maybe you want to reflect on your year or reward your team for a job well done. • Maybe you want to boost their morale or build cohesion.  Company retreats can eradicate awkwardness and tension and build a true team.

Choose a Date

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors on your retreat, you’ll want nice weather. Choose a date that won’t interfere with family and office activities. (Steer clear of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, tex season for accounting businesses, etc.)

Send Out a Save-the-Date

Depending on your group size, we recommend planning at least six months in advance. People appreciate a heads-up in advance, and you’ll reap the benefits of a better turnout.

Book a Venue

Small groups may consider a lovely AirBnB. You may consider a hotel or resort if you have a larger group. No matter what venue you choose, plan activities that do not take place in a boring conference room.

Offsite Lodging

Depending on your venue, you might need to provide off-site lodging for everyone. In that case, you’ll want to ensure the lodging isn’t too far from the venue for convenience.

Organize Transportation

If you’re booking flights for everyone, you’ll also need to organize car rentals, Uber, or shuttle services.

Plan the Food or Catering

Be diligent in planning good meals for your retreat. Sharing a good meal can enhance an experience and create the perfect bonding opportunity. Consider the different possibiities: • catering • dining out • cooking class • private chef

Orchestrate the Activities

it’s not quite a corporate retreat without some empowering, fun team-building activities and icebreakers.  You may even opt for challenging exercises that test your team’s physical or intellectual limits. Or you may want some fun and stress-free activities.

Organize Work Sessions

Your retreat should be mostly fun, but you may have to pull out the laptops at some point. Make sure your retreat spaces have what you need for quick work sessions, including comfortable workspaces, Wi-Fi, and spacious meeting rooms.

Create a Post-Retreat Survey

Nobody loves constructive criticism, but it’s the only way to help us grow and rearrange for future retreats. You don’t know how well it went until you ask those who were there.

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