How do I Choose the Best Wedding Photographer?

Determine Your Desired Style

What do you want your photos to look like?  Do you like dark and moody shots? Are you all about natural light?  If you’re unsure what your style is, ask your married friends if you can browse their wedding photos and get recommendations based on the pictures you love.

Go Beyond Their Online Portfolio

The photos on a pro’s website will be only their very best work.  Go the extra mile and check out their social media pages. Check out full galleries.  If every picture is stunning, you’ll have greater confidence that they can deliver jaw-dropping photos of your wedding festivities.

Ask Important Questions

Here are just a few essential questions to ask: • What is your experience level? How many weddings have you shot? • Will you be my actual photographer at my wedding? Do you come alone or have a team?

Ask Important Questions (Part 2)

• What do you include in your package? Is an engagement session included? • How many hours of photography does your package include? • Do you stick to a shot list or play it by ear? • What is your turnaround time for finishing photos post-wedding?

Read the Entire Contract

We often sign things without reading them, but when we do, we take responsibility for the fine print.  Examples of such fine print may be found in the full article.

Meet your Photographer in Person

You should be comfortable and at ease in the presence of your photographer; it should feel like the perfect fit. Bonus points if they can effortlessly make you and your partner smile and laugh.

How to Coordinate With Your Photographer After Making It Official

You will want to ask them their preferred contact method. Ensure there is a clear and open line of communication about your needs. Will you want them at your engagement party? The rehearsal dinner?  Make sure they’re available for all the events you wish to hire them for and that their vision aligns with yours.

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