Today we begin our journey of highlighting incredible DC Wedding and Event Professionals that we absolutely adore. Often times our clients and friends want to know about who we live by and I believe it’s time to start spreading the news. For this edition of Vendor Spotlight we want to introduce you to Washington, DC Makeup Artist Jennifer Thorpe Beauty. The best way we know how to tell you about her is by asking her a few questions.

We first started working with Jennifer for a Valentine’s Day project we did with Munaluchi for their DC Muna Serenade. Since then we have worked with Jennifer on our Intercontinental Wharf DC project and just recently while at The Westin Annapolis. We also have our Munaluchi DC Love Affair project this Oct so you can say we’ve been BUSY.

So what is it about Jennifer Thorpe Beauty that we love so much? She’s simply amazing at what she does and has the sweetest of hearts. Here are a few fun facts we thought you should know.


Questions for DC Makeup Artist Jennifer Thorpe Beauty

#1 What is something about you that you wish others would know that has nothing to with being a Makeup Artist?

I work for the Smithsonian in Human Resources. I am the Associate HR Director for the revenue generating arm of the Institution. And I make a mean macaroni and cheese. 

I think I know who I’m inviting over for Thanksgiving this year and what to ask you to bring. LOL.

#2 What caused you to be a Makeup Artist in the DC, MD, VA area?

Makeup has always been a passion. Friends would ask me to do their makeup for special occasions, and then it led to being asked to do weddings. I thought, “hold up” I may be kind of good at this, so I decided to really focus on learning and building my brand and business. When I got married in 2013, I decided to rebrand with Jennifer Thorpe Beauty

I really love that you mentioned learning and building because these days we see brides really wanting people who are masters at their craft. When it comes to pictures and capturing natural beauty that doesn’t just come by chance.


#3 What does the perfect client look like to you?

The perfect client is someone who shares their vision for their bridal beauty, but then trusts me enough to enhance their best features.  

Sort of like tell me what you want what you really want and then allow me to do my magic. I really enjoy being in the bridal suite and seeing a relaxed bride because she knows that she is in good hands. It’s the perfect atmosphere on what can be a stressful day.

#4 What’s one key Makeup Tip that is often overlooked, but is worth mentioning?

Bridal beauty is just as important as your other wedding day vendors. I find that most brides leave booking makeup until end of their planning, when their budget is nearly spent. I believe that once you secure your date, venue and photographer, you should also secure your makeup artist.  The good ones book fast or have a limited number of clients they will service each year.  Once your day is over, all you have left are your photos; and how you look in them. 

I see nothing wrong there. It’s critical that couples focus on the things that they will remember for a lifetime. I’ve seen far too many wedding photos where it was either a bad photographer, or hair and makeup looked like a rush job. You want your big day to be remembered for the books.


#5 What’s one business goal you have for 2018?

To provide each of my 2018 brides with a stress free, luxury experience on one of the most important days of their lives.   I am also working on creating a online makeup course for women who want to learn how to create and perfect their makeup routine. 

A Makeup course? Now that’s exciting news!!!

#6 Could you tell us about any funny stories or a time where you met someone famous?

For 6 years, I was a part of a choir assembled to sing for TNT’s Christmas in Washington television special, performing for the President and First Family. Well, my first year, I was placed in an amazing spot, right in front of Barack & Michelle Obama. When the show was over, secret service escorted them out before everyone else could leave. As they were leaving,  Barack and Michelle were shaking hands with the choir… and I GOT TO SHAKE BOTH OF THEIR HANDS. Can you say complete fangirl LOL! The show is no longer produced, but I was honored to have been able to perform for them while they were in office. 

Can you say that I’m completely jealous?!!! Meeting President and First Lady Obama is a goal everyone should have. Yes I said everyone LOL.

 DC-Makeup-Artist-Jennifer-Thorpe-Beauty-andrew-roby-events DC Makeup Artist Jennifer Thorpe Beauty

Well friends I really hope you all check out Makeup Artist Jennifer Thorpe Beauty and see how she can bring glamour to your world. It’s not all about weddings as I’m sure Jennifer would love to work with you for appearances, a night out, a gala, or anything else that requires you looking your best.

Stay tuned for our next DC Wedding & Event Vendor Spotlight