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When it comes to hosting a virtual event the last thing you want to do is fail in front of your audience. If you are an Event Planner, you want to avoid failing your client and their sponsors. The virtual event world is still new for many people. This is why we have created the Virtual Event Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit is a 6 phase guide that gives you the key details you’ll need for a successful event. By successful we are not talking about an event that gives you polling and survey options. We are talking about a virtual event that offers everything your audience will want if you are asking them to spend hours online with you.

Download our FREE Virtual Event Starter Kit to learn the strategy to execute the perfect virtual event. Contact Us for more support.

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Virtual Event Starter Kit


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This Virtual Event Starter Kit includes:

  • In-person and virtual event statistics
  • Common words you should know
  • Developing the purpose behind your virtual event
  • What team members are needed for a successful virtual event
  • How to create a proper attendee experience
  • Which virtual platforms work the best and how to evaluate them
  • Which steps to take before you launch your virtual event
  • What should happen during your virtual event
  • What actions to take following your virtual event to make the next one better