Creative Event Experiences are a big deal for 2017. Certainly as a Planner we care a lot about the way events look, but for this year the look has to match the experience. Creative experiences will serve as the #1 thing that people take away from your event. It’s the change in behavior. The change in mindset. Most certainly it’s a change in what you take away from the event. When you want to standout from any other event or wedding you need creative experiences that are second to none. Reusing old trends and tips with a twist simply will not cut it in 2017. If you have clients like ours, they have seen the trends and want to make their large events feel as if it’s curated just for them. By coming up with creative experiences you offer premium services that are original and innovative to your client’s needs.

Here are a few creative event experiences that you should consider for your 2017 events.

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Creative Event Experiences

1 – The Restroom

How many times have you used a restroom at a concert, festival or event and were disgusted? Muddy floors, no toiler paper/towels, and a dreadful odor can all be problematic to any event goer. Transforming your restroom into a luxury spa can completely change the perspective attendees have. Id like to start seeing more restrooms that have makeup stations and cologne bars. Having hair products and hair dryers shouldn’t be out of the question either. Consider sponsorship for these items.

 Makeup-and-Flowers-andrew-roby-events Makeup and Flowers

2 – Babysitters

I’m sure all of the parents out there will truly appreciate you for this one. Ultimately the decision to say no, your kids cannot come to a wedding or event is left up to the host. However, if you are hosting a public event and want more participation, parents are more likely to attend if you have an on-site babysitter.

3 – Mixologist

Certainly many events you attend will have a bar, but if you want to enhance your boring hotel ballroom bar, you need a Mixologist. Design branded glasses that will contain a drink matching your event color. The more flair you have the better the experience. Safety is key.

creative-event-experiences-andrew-roby-events Bartender an Cocktails

4 – Phone Charging Stations

If you’re following any of the tips presented in this blog post, your guests are going to their phone to record all of the madness. Being a good host means anticipating their every need and in this case charging phones. This also serves as a good opportunity for guests to talk to each other and not be glued to their phones.

charging-station-creative-event-experiences-andrew-roby-events Moble phone charging station

5 – Lounge Seating

More and more events are catching onto the fact that guests want to be comfortable. Although chiavari chairs are the norm, lounge seating is far more appealing. Save the traditional seating for more formal parts of your events such as a wedding ceremony. However, if you have a dance floor or an environment where guests are normally standing, lounge seating is the best option. I encourage you to use lounge seating closer to the dance floor and throughout your reception area to prevent guests from sitting at the dinner table all night.

 Lounge-furniture-creative-event-experiences-andrew-roby-events Lounger furniture

In Conclusion

We wanted to consider things that are more common and familiar, but have been neglected a bit over the years. Not every creative event experience cost thousands of dollars. With a good blend of small to large guest experiences, your guests will take notice and list your event as one of the best. Contact us to find ways that will work for your event or wedding.