Have you heard the following before?Why do we have to change it when we’ve always done it this way?

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Our guests won’t care if we keep things the same.

We need to create an event based on our budget.

Our boss thinks this would be a great idea at our event.

Understanding Your Why Factor

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How many of you agree with these statements? If you have answered yes…. I’M JUDGING YOU! Each of the above questions or statements goes against what I call the Why Factor.  What exactly is the Why Factor?


The Why Factor is used to better understand why you are creating conferences, meetings, expos, and yes even weddings. Planning an event has never been about planning. It never will be. Why? Events are all about creation. You create atmospheres. Create feelings and emotions. You create one-of-a-kind experiences. Create behavior. Failing to do any of these things tells me that either you as the client have money to waste or you as the Planner don’t really care about your client’s goal.

Lately I’ve run into the challenge of people thinking that more will wow guests. In fact it makes the entire process chaotic. Here’s how you may be failing at answering the Why Factor:

  • Having 7 ticket options when 2 is sufficient enough

  • Having a Keynote Speaker at every stage of your event when guests rather interact with each other

  • Not using technology to your benefit

  • Having the world’s longest buffet station

  • Having a full blown concert at your wedding

These all sound like excellent ideas, but once you look at the big picture you realize that none of these things are necessary in answering the needs of you and your guests.

Have you ever had a day where you were in meetings all day long only leaving yourself an hour to digest it all? That is the same way guests feel at your event. They spend hours listening to Keynotes. They’re held up the buffet line because you decided to give them 12 chicken options verses 4. They are rushed through breakout sessions because your goal is to get them into as many as possible. When can they soak in all of this? Did you know that 51% of CEOs question the value of events?

The Why Factor Benefits

When used correctly, the Why Factor can reap so many benefits for your event starting with:

  • You as the host saving more money by providing key elements that creates behavior

  • Giving attendees select options that really target the reason they came shows you as being a beneficial event

  • Prevent food waste and cut loses that events tend to generate

  • Become an innovator by introducing new technology that is simple to use and incorporate

  • Steer away from the everyone is doing it so why not us mentality

  • You reduce unnecessary confusion


The more you fail to answer the Why Factor the more you risk having fewer opportunities to impress guests. Use year 2017 to make answering why your biggest priority. Attendees are getting bored with seeing the same thing that was done before at other events and weddings.

Create your events with a purpose. Your guests understand that the experience that you create is only a few hours. However, the impact that it has is a lifetime. All events should put guests at the forefront of your design.  Why? Because guests are looking for brands to be about more than how much profit they make or how over-the-top your event can be.