Leading up to your engagement, were you pleading with your partner to have an intimate proposal with just the two of you? Or maybe you wanted just a few of your closest friends and family to be a part of it? The thought of a huge production with a crush of people around made you cringe.

If this sounds like you, an uprising trend in the times of weddings and Covid-19 might be the ideal fit for your special day. Whether you are you are planning to get married now or months or years after Covid is a distant memory (we hope!), a micro wedding, minimony or elopement might offer the intimate celebration of your dreams.

What is a Micro wedding?

Micro does not necessarily mean less extravagant or less expensive. While money can be a huge factor in deciding to have a small wedding, couples are choosing to have micro weddings for a variety of reasons. A micro wedding is simply a very small wedding with 50 guests or less. They are often for those who want to know every single guest at their wedding. There’s no room for your mom’s college roommate who you’ve never met or your partner’s great aunt who you’ve only seen in pictures. Having only those you love around on your big day can create a one-of-a-kind fairytale experience as you celebrate with those you feel most comfortable with.

Couples who choose to have a micro wedding often save money on guest attendance so that they can put it toward other things of importance such as a designer wedding dress, a high-end photographer, hotel rooms for their guests, an open bar or fancy sit-down dinner. If you still want every detail of your wedding to be beautifully planned but only want a small group of people to share it with, a micro wedding might be right up your alley.

What is a Minimony?

Minimonies have become somewhat of a forced trend during the pandemic but have made a lasting impression as people have discovered the minimal work that is put into them and how much money is saved by keeping things small. A minimony is a small ceremony held with about 10 of your loved ones. Those who have had minimonies during the pandemic often opt out of the reception or schedule it for a later date when they feel safety won’t be a concern anymore. Minimonies are for those who don’t want to wait any longer to get married and are opposed to postponing the ceremony.

Minimony ceremonies can be planned in a short amount of time, giving couples plenty of time to plan a reception down the line if they choose. Minimonies were the go-to for millions of couples in 2020 who wanted to keep their original wedding date but had to make major adjustments due to state and federal regulations.

Many minimonies are re-arranged versions of a couple’s original plans. This might include keeping their original baker and chef but making arrangements for a smaller cake and smaller dinner. Re-arranged plans may also include keeping the same photographer but figuring out strategic angles from a distance to comply with social distancing. Fancy face masks have also become a staple for couples and guests. Custom lace masks just might be the most popular “something new” of this generation of brides.

Couples may as well have fun with the cards they are dealt. As you continue to navigate Covid restrictions, jumping on the minimony bandwagon might be the best move for your nuptials.

What is an Elopement?

Those who want an excuse to go to Hawaii, want a small wedding and have always pictured a tropical backdrop at their wedding may be most satisfied with eloping. An elopement used to mean a spur-of-the-moment wedding that was planned in a matter of days. Over time, this has changed as couples often put more planning into their elopement. An elopement is essentially a more casual wedding with just the couple or a small group of people in an untraditional setting. Many couples choose to elope in nature, a tropical setting, near a historic site, at someone’s residence or a destination on their bucket list. Get married and cross a place off your bucket list at the same time—why not?

With an elopement, the setting is simply wherever you want it to be. Couples who have eloped claim that it was a stress-free experience financially, mentally and emotionally. If you want your big day to feel more like planning a vacation than a wedding, eloping might be everything you’ve ever wanted.

While large weddings are still in high demand, many couples are choosing either a micro wedding, a minimony or an elopement to tie the knot. Trends that started as a default due to the coronavirus may be trending for years to come. No matter which option you choose for your big day, we will take the time to get to know you, your style and match every detail to your personality. We specialize in micro wedding planning because we love helping our clients create that sweet and intimate experience they’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes less is more.


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