Whether you’re planning a luxury wedding, a baby shower, a birthday party, or a corporate event, there will always be that one person who complains about everything and is impossible to please. Don’t worry about those people.

But then there are those event logistics that many people complain about. Those are the things you want to address. Event complaints can be hard to deal with in the middle of your event. That’s why it’s wise to have a plan in place to tackle complaints from your guests and handle them with grace. Here are seven common guest complaints.

1. Your Event is Too Long

There is a happy medium when it comes to any event. Too long is overkill, but too short makes people feel rushed and anxious. If you’re planning a wedding, the key is not to make one portion of your wedding too long. The ceremony is the most sacred and special part of the night, but if it’s too long, it becomes a snooze-fest for everyone witnessing it. If your ceremony lasts more than an hour, people will be zoning out, squirming, and falling asleep. If the guest seating is uncomfortable or guests are standing up, it’s especially important to make events short and sweet.

Try to be merciful, inclusive, and understanding that not everyone can easily sit down or stand up for long periods. If your event allows children and you have a ceremony over an hour, you’re just asking for an outburst.

2. The Temperature is Too Hot or too Cold

No matter what event you’re attending, being uncomfortable with the temperature is distracting and can make it very hard to focus and enjoy the event. It’s debatable whether it’s better to be too hot or too cold, so how about you make sure the temperature is just right and have someone adjust it if needed throughout the event?

Be mindful of any elderly guests or children sensitive to temperatures. The temperature can make or break an event because it’s challenging to enjoy yourself when you’re freezing or burning up.

3. Waiting Too Long for Food

Hangry event guests are not a pretty sight. If your food takes forever to come out, people will not be happy. Your guests love you, but they forget about that when their stomachs are growling.

4. Bad Food

Do you know what’s worse than waiting forever for food? Waiting forever for BAD food. Nothing is more disappointing to a guest than bland, cold, or tasteless food. Events should have good food, period.

5. Bad DJ/MC

The DJ/MC has a significant role at an event, and people count on them to liven up the party and set the tone. An exceptional DJ will play great music, be fun and spunky when announcing, and be able to read the room and be in touch with the vibes and expectations of the crowd. There is also a boundary line between funny and inappropriate. Make sure your DJ keeps it classy and doesn’t say anything offensive. The DJ is the glue that holds the party together. If the DJ is terrible, your event might fall apart.

Addressing Complaints with Grace

You can avoid all of the above complaints with diligent planning and preparation. However, there may still be complaints or mishaps at your event, because that’s life, so here are some tips for handling them like a pro.

1. Be Optimistic and Listen

Complaints can be irritating. But take it as a learning opportunity. Your attendee took time to voice their feedback so you can be aware of and rectify it. You have a second chance to make something right. Their complaint might be the beginning of a good change for future events.

2. Stay Calm and Composed

It’s natural to feel defensive if someone criticizes your event, but try to take their complaint with a grain of salt and composure. Keep your emotions under control, and don’t argue back because that is counter-productive. Empathy as an event organizer or host will be one of your most valuable skills as you are open to learning and growing.

3. Tackle The Problem in The Best Way You Can

As party planners in Dallas, D.C., and Los Angeles, we’ve developed considerable expertise when it comes to thinking on our feet and finding quick solutions to problems. This skill will always impress your guests and help you build a positive reputation among event-goers. Sometimes, the answer to an event problem is obvious and can be taken care of in a flash. In other instances, an issue may require creativity and coordination. No matter what the process may be, keep your disgruntled guests in the loop so they know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Planning and hosting a party, or being the guest of honor, comes with much responsibility. Things don’t always go off without a hitch. Still, quick thinking, professional coordination, and a little resourcefulness can turn an unsatisfied event guest into an impressed one who will return to any event that bears your name. The more events you host, the more experience you’ll get dealing with unforeseen situations, and you’ll be a pro at conflict management before you know it.


Top 5 Event Complaints and How to Handle Them