You know you want a luxurious wedding. What you may not be sure about is the guest list. Do you have to invite hundreds of people and have it be a massive affair? What if you prefer an intimate gathering with only the people closest to you?

And what about your budget? Do you really want to pay for every person you’ve ever known to attend? Or would you prefer to allocate your money for a beautiful event for just the people closest to you?

Great weddings don’t need to be huge weddings. In fact, as micro wedding planners, we have executed some of our finest wedding events for small, intimate groups.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is relatively small, with no more than 50 guests. It’s different from an elopement, which usually includes the bride and groom, a couple of witnesses, and an officiant. A micro wedding is excellent for those who don’t want the financial or social implications of a giant wedding.

Micro weddings allow couples to save money for things like setting up a home or traveling. They also appeal to those who prefer small guests lists and gatherings.

If you’re looking to plan your micro wedding, here are some trends that we predict for 2024.

1. Skipping the Wedding Party

Does the idea of selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen stress you out? Are you so not into sending gift baskets with calligraphy to each of your closest friends that say, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Will you offend your high school bestie if you choose your college roommate to be your bridesmaid?

The good news is, wedding parties are not compulsory. It’s your wedding; you and your partner make the rules. Many micro wedding couples do away with wedding parties. If you’re torn between having a wedding party or not, you could opt to have one maid-of-honor/groomsman for each of you. That could be the best of both worlds.

2. High Tech Elements

The COVID-19 pandemic brought us a wave of hybrid weddings, and although those are starting to phase out, the technological elements are sticking around. Whether it’s a live stream for distant guests to witness the wedding or to utilize augmented reality to create interactive experiences, technology will be a significant element at micro weddings in 2024.

3. Inclusivity

As a black-owned event planning company, diversity, equity, and inclusion are top priorities for us in everything we do and everyone we work with. Inclusivity will be at the forefront of micro wedding trends this year. Couples are adding cultural touches to their weddings, celebrating their personal histories, and tailoring their celebrations to match their unique love stories and family backgrounds. This is a perfect way to make a small, intimate micro wedding even more special.

4. Focus on Entertainment

For many micro wedding couples, entertainment is the biggest splurge. Many couples are sidestepping the traditional DJ and wanting a more immersive entertainment experience. This might look different from couple to couple, but think of live bands and shows.

5. Destination Weddings

Many micro wedding couples want a small destination wedding with their closest family and friends. A small destination wedding can allow couples to sidestep the hassle and expense of inviting a laundry list of people. Plus, it provides an incredibly memorable setting for the big day.

6. Beautiful Bold Colors

We’re seeing a trend of couples veering away from the popular soft, neutral, and pastel palettes. Instead, couples are adding rich shades and deep jewel tones for a flair of sophistication and boldness. Bold colors are perfect for brides and grooms who want to make a statement at their micro wedding. A small but mighty wedding might have deep contrasts, dark colors, and bold patterns.

7. Interactive Food and Beverage Experiences

Have you been to a wedding where your meal is an interactive experience? Buckle up for the 2024 wedding season, where you’ll start to see this fantastic and fun feature at weddings.

Couples are adding DIY cocktail bars, foodie stations, and interactive cooking demonstrations at their micro weddings. This is especially great for smaller weddings where the interactive food and beverage stations can be more intimate and less expensive.

8. Backyard Bashes

Nothing quite says “small and intimate,” like a backyard wedding. Many couples who opt for a micro wedding love the idea of a sweet and sentimental backyard setting. This offers a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. If you or your friends and family are handy, you can build your arbor to stand under for the ceremony, or you could rent one. A backyard wedding offers convenience. Someone could make all the food on-site and serve it fresh or you could have your favorite restaurant cater.

9. Themed Weddings

Themes are great for micro weddings because the intimate size gives you more control of how the event plays out. For example, if you want your guests to attend in costume, you can pull this off much better with a small guest list of people you know well.

Maybe you’re all about the old Hollywood theme, a Great Gatsby roaring 20s party, or a color-themed wedding with guests showing up in designated hues. Any of these ideas can play out well at a micro wedding.

This year, weddings continue to be all about individuality and creating unique and immersive experiences with bolder elements. 2024 offers changing times where couples want to express themselves and are fearless in choosing what they want instead of popular and traditional ways.

So far, we’ve loved what we’re seeing trending in 2024 and are honored to be a part of the evolving landscape. From year to year, one thing never changes: every detail matters. If you need a micro wedding planner in the Los Angeles, Dallas, or D.C. area, we’d love to help bring your vision to life.


This Year’s Hottest Micro Wedding Trends


A micro wedding is a small gathering with no more than 50 guests, perfect for those who want to avoid the expenses and social pressures of a large wedding. Check out the latest micro wedding trends in this infographic.

9 Micro Wedding Trends Infographic