Parents you know that graduation season is coming which means you must start thinking about a graduation party. There are a lot of bad graduation party advice floating around that we want to ensure you avoid it. As a Washington, DC Event Planner I want to help you out.

I remember when I graduated from Miami Senior High School. Man that was such a huge moment for me. Growing up at the time in Miami was rough and a lot of my friends began to drop out of school for various reasons. So me wanting to graduate from school was a goal I had to reach.

The day came and I was able to graduate with my friends and hear my name being cheered on from family and friends in the audience. After that we all took photos and went out to eat. For me that was all that I needed to feel valued and have a sense of accomplishment. When I look back on those memories years ago I can’t possibly imagine bypassing those with my children and neither should you.

This is why I want to give you some important graduation party advice.

 Graduation Party - a little bit of whimsy photography

Graduation Party – a little bit of whimsy photography

Graduation Party Advice To Avoid

1 – Thinking your child’s graduation party isn’t a big deal.

If you believe that you should bypass planning a graduation party, I want you to stop thinking that IMMEDIATELY. This is a huge accomplishment. Roughly 84% of students graduate each year from high school.  However, 1.2 million students drop out of school each year and 25% do not graduate on time. That means you must celebrate this huge accomplishment.

A graduation party also gives you the chance to publicly recognizance your child. In doing so you create a culture of doing the right thing. It lets your child know that you value their efforts in front of other family members and their friends. It’s a boost of motivation they will need when going into the workforce or onto college.

2 – Thinking a graduation party needs to be formal

A graduation party is a celebration of years spent learning. The last thing you want to give your child is an event that is too formal. Things like a formal dinner at a upscale hotel may work for you adults, but for a teenager they want to have a bit more fun.

Think of this is a second birthday party that you are throwing for them. Yes you’ll have food and can decorate tables for the adults to sit at, but you also want to make the atmosphere a creative experience for your graduate and their friends.

3 – Thinking you can wait until the last minute to plan the graduation party

 Graduation Party - Andrew Roby Events

Most high school graduations take place in May and June. Statista reports that 35% of weddings take place in the summer. 2.3 million couples get married each year. That’s roughly 6,200 a day. Imagine how many Washington, DC weddings that are hosted where couples are fighting for a venue. That on top of other events around Memorial Day weekend and weekends means you will have tons of competition to book your venue. Country clubs, restaurants, rooftops are all popular locations for a summer event so start looking now.

4 – Not using this time as a teachable moment

Although your child has officially graduated, use their graduation party to solidify their accomplishment and charge them to stay on the path. When you make statements in public and hold people accountable in front of others they

  1. Don’t want to disappoint you and look bad

  2. You now hold them to a higher responsibility as they enter the workforce or go to higher education

  3. You show to other parents and younger siblings why it’s important to achieve what your graduate has done

In Conclusion

A graduation party is much more than just graduating. It’s a chapter being closed and a new bigger brighter one being opened. Use this time to celebrate your graduate and charge them to take over the world. This is your chance to honor them and show them how much you appreciate their hard efforts.

Not all parties have to be large and elaborate, but you have to do something. A small dinner party, renting out a community center, a club house, a rooftop with a great DJ, food, a Photographer, and activities would make for the best party. I hope you enjoyed these graduation party advice. if you need help, contact us here.