The Washington National Cathedral served as the perfect DC wedding venue to Alex, Kelli, and over 100 guests. While being a now out-of-state couple, Alex grew up attending the National Cathedral. There was no better option that to return home and have a DC wedding ceremony in such a breathtaking venue. 

DC Wedding Venue: Washington National Cathedral

The exterior features sculptors from Frederick Hart, where mankind displays the Cathedral’s creation story. It features St. Peter and St. Paul along with the Yuppie Gargoyle given in honor of a prominent New York corporate executive. 

However, what I found to be most fascinating from the exterior is the Rose Window. It is a 26 foot window made out of 10,000 pieces of glass celebrating when God declared, “Let there be light.”


The Washington National Cathedral Wedding takes on History

As you descend into the Washington National Cathedral, you immediately begin to see the expansive seven story vaulted ceiling. It has 762 boss stones supporting the ceiling. Second to the 14th-century cathedral in Norwich, England.

Equally important, a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sealed the deal for one of the most romantic weddings we’ve planned to date. 

Lastly, Kelli and I enjoyed the wedding rehearsal where we walked back and forth down their ¼ mile aisle. Yes it was that long. Talk about a dramatic entrance. 


The Washington National Cathedral Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony incorporated family tradition such as starting with Bagpipes being played for the processional and Alex wearing a traditional kilt.  The Cathedral also offered up a choir to sing during a portion of the ceremony. 

The entire ceremony was carefully thought out and had to be perfectly timed due to rules at the Cathedral. I’m pleased to say that we started and ended on time. 

Photos in the Bishop’s Garden followed the wedding ceremony. Consequently, this is the most romantic DC garden I’ve ever been to. You are enclosed into its serene and lush environment where you never want to leave. Sadly, we had to get everyone to the reception. 


DC Wedding Reception Venue: Perry Belmont House

Guests were transported from the National Cathedral via charter. Quick honestly, this was the best option to quickly get guest to the second venue for dinner to start on time. While paid parking is available to guests, it is limited.

Guests arrived to the Perry Belmont House for cocktail hour in the Petite Salon. Alex and Kelli remained in the Bishop’s Garden to take intimate photos. 

Additionally, the home was built in 1909, for Congressman Perry Belmont out of New York. Washington, DC’s elite gathered here to include British Royalty. The home is massive with three stories including a private residence. The primary function of this home was to entertain and I can tell you first hand, it exceeds that.

Perry Belmont House Wedding Reception Decor


Finally, to end the night on a high note, guests were ushered into the Grand Ballroom which seats up to 150 guests. What I loved the most was that Alex and Kelli thought of everything. The Grand Salon served as the childcare center for a few of the kids while the adults literally danced into the night. 

We were thrilled to be selected as the DC wedding planning company for this wonderful couple and their guests.


Washington National Cathedral Wedding Photographer: Jenna Leigh Photography