You’ve been dreaming of your wedding your whole life, and now it’s almost here. You want the people to be prepared and the events to be perfect.

A wedding rehearsal is essential for those who play a role in your wedding. It’s a way to put to practice the months of planning you’ve been doing. Without a rehearsal, how will your wedding party know what to do on the big day?

Rehearsals are typically held within the week right before your wedding, often even the day before, so the rundown is fresh in everyone’s mind. Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t skip the wedding rehearsal.

1. Helps Everyone Feel Involved and Prepared

Every wedding is a little different, so even if your bridesmaids or groomsmen have been a part of many weddings, they might still wonder what is required of them on your big day. A wedding rehearsal is a perfect way to break it down for everyone and practice the rundown of the ceremony and reception. Your wedding party and family will know their cues to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. It will be well worth it, even if it’s just a quick practice.

2. Helps to Refocus Everyone

The purpose of your wedding is to celebrate your love and enter into marriage. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the material aspects, such as wedding cakes, venue visits, and bridal attire.

If any part of your wedding day deserves the most attention, it’s the ceremony. That’s where you’ll officially enter marriage and share the most incredible moment with your partner.

During your rehearsal, your officiant will have the opportunity to convey this message to your group and share an uplifting message to refocus everyone before the wedding day.

3. A Chance to Work Out Any Kinks

Maybe you hadn’t thought about the fact that if your maid-of-honor stands where you originally planned, she’d be too far to quickly grab your bouquet when it’s time to read vows or that your flower girl might have trouble navigating the steep stairs up to the ceremony gazebo. A rehearsal is necessary to avoid simple mishaps.

4. Gives You a Chance to Change Your Mind

Not about your partner per se (cue Runaway Bride theme song), but about the logistics of the wedding day. A wedding rehearsal is a perfect opportunity to see your wedding ceremony laid out and determine if it meets the expectations of your vision. If it doesn’t, you can change your mind and make slight adjustments. You might realize that a small change here or there will improve the flow or that you think the walking order should change because of height differences. Whatever it may be, it’s better to notice it now than on your wedding day when it’s too late to change.

5. Facilitates Last-minute Questions

The rehearsal is the perfect time to cross all your T’s, dot all your I’s, and ask your luxury wedding planner any last-minute questions before show time. It’s also the perfect opportunity for your wedding party to ask any questions they may have. Answering questions and sorting out any roadblocks is much easier in person than virtually (although a virtual rehearsal is better than no rehearsal).

6. The Perfect Confidence Boost

It can be a surreal feeling when you’ve been planning, planning, planning for so long, and the day is finally approaching. You want your planning to have been worth it, and you want to end the night feeling that everything was perfect.

You also want to be as calm as possible on your wedding day, knowing everyone is well-rehearsed instead of panicking about whether they will remember what to do. Your wedding rehearsal will give you the confidence boost you need to feel well-prepared on the morning of your wedding. Of course, some nerves are normal, but with preparation, you can avoid a full-on panic attack.

7. A Chance for Little Ones to Get Practice

If you have adorable little flower girls or ring bearers, they will need some instruction and practice to know what to do on the big day. While walking down the aisle might be common sense to many adults, children have no expectations about what a wedding should be, especially if they’ve never been to one. A rehearsal allows them to practice in a calm and low-pressure environment so they don’t have to face confusion and anxiety by blindly completing their tasks on the wedding day.

You’ve invested a lot into planning, prepping, and visualizing your upcoming wedding. A wedding rehearsal is a great way to ensure that it all comes together correctly and helps you and everyone else involved in your wedding to have peace of mind. You’ll be so glad you decided to have a rehearsal.

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You’ve always envisioned your perfect wedding. To ensure everything goes smoothly, a wedding rehearsal is crucial. It allows your wedding party to practice and familiarize themselves with their roles. Usually conducted a week or even a day before the wedding, it ensures everyone is on the same page. Here are seven key reasons to prioritize the wedding rehearsal:

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