Living in Miami, Florida I had a ton of perks. One of the biggest perks was that Florida is a tax free state. The other perk was the close proximity to Orlando. Orlando for a child is the mecca of adventure parks. Busch Gardens, Disney World, Universal Studios and many other smaller parks makes it one active vacation.I remember one trip to Disney World and seeing a couple have a wedding there. I thought wow they must have a lot of money to host a wedding at Disney World. My parents cursed a time or two about the cost of tickets just to get into the park and then again because of the food and memorabilia. So I just knew a wedding at this park was going to be a bank breaker.

As an adult and now actually planning weddings I look back on that story to realize just how wrong I was. With a mix of seeing Cinderella and that huge castle, I just knew I was right in thinking a wedding would cost so much money for any couple. I think many people share the same assumption I once did as a child not really taking the time to confirm the expense of a destination wedding. The only real problem with destination weddings are the people doubting that it is possible for them and their budgets.

Here’s a few reasons why destination weddings are possible.

1 – They’re Cost Effective

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, Dominican Republic or even the Bahamas, you are certain to find many resorts that are all inclusive to their guests. That means your meals, drinks, lodging, and in some cases flights are all included in the price. Verses paying on average $30,000 for a wedding stateside, you can spend a few thousand dollars with a destination package. Plus your guests need a vacation.

2 – Perfect for Second Marriages and Elopements

Not every couple wants an over-the-top wedding. For those who have already had one and this is their second wedding, you may not desire to go through the journey again. Destination weddings are a great opportunity for those who have children on both sides and would like a opportunity to further bond with each other.

3 – Limited Family/Friend Drama

You’d be surprised at the discussions that are held between families on where the wedding should take place. Both sides want the wedding to occur in the bride or groom’s hometown. A destination wedding eliminates that debate and allows the couple to be the only one to decide on location. It can also serve as a deal breaker for those who are not as close to you. It’s easier for long lost friends to travel stateside to attend your wedding and try to catch up vs traveling to another country. I don’t recommend using your wedding as the time to reconnect.

4 – The Planning

The planning process for a destination wedding is easier to control. Most resorts or cruise lines have a dedicated wedding planner on-site that can walk your through everything. Of course there are many of us who can provide the same service with a more personal experience. Being that your guest count is lower, the requirements for your wedding is a lot simpler to manage.However, don’t think you can shorten your planning time as many locations have special considerations.

If none of those cause you to consider a destination wedding, perhaps these images will.

 Palace Palace Castle Castle Luxury hallway Luxury hallway Mansion on the beach Mansion on the beach

Our biggest tip is to delve into the true costs of a destination wedding considering who you really want to attend your wedding. Do a cost analysis and compare what makes the most sense for you and your budget. If you are looking for a vacation and want to be married, why not combine the two? To learn more about wedding planning click here.