When it comes to our clients, especially millennials, they are looking for Digital DC Event Planner. Just about everything you do has some form of process that makes it easier to accomplish. From downloading an app to shop at your favorite store to using Amazon Fresh to avoid spending hours in the grocery store.

These are a few ways that man has modernized the way we take on each day. So why does that have to be any different when it comes to planning your wedding or event?

I have had some clients in the past who were stuck on using spreadsheets and Google Docs. They spent months creating these elaborate documents that were color coded yet ultimately needed an instruction manual to decode. While it was pretty, it was not effective.

 Checklist-Digital-DC-Event-Planner Checklist

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past and sorting through emails to find answers to questions is the ultimate time suck. This is why we have become a digital event and wedding planning company in DC. No this does not mean we are a virtual company that you will never see at your events. This means that all of the planning that we do is housed in one online location.

Over the past few years, companies have rolled out apps that can help you navigate your event or wedding. Checklist after checklist, wedding app after app, people have downloaded these by the thousands to only find out that they don’t solve the bigger problem. The problem is housing all of this in one location so that you are not sorting through the spreadsheets and apps to see if you missed anything.

Wouldn’t your world be a whole lot easier if you could log into one place and see everything that is related to your wedding or your event? As a digital DC Event and Wedding Planner our clients are able to customize every part of the planning process at no additional charge.

Here’s a break down of key items you would normally have to deal with when planning a DC wedding or event.

  1. Collecting Addresses or emails
  2. Seating Charts
  3. Managing RSVPs
  4. Vendor Details
  5. To Do Lists
  6. Staying on top of your appointments
  7. Event and Wedding Budget
  8. Creating an event or wedding website<
  9. Mood boards for your wedding or event decor

 iPad-Pro-Digital-DC-Event-Planner iPad Pro

Can you imagine having an app for each of these or a spreadsheet? Now you don’t. We make it easier for you to manage every aspect of your wedding or event in one location that you have access to 24/7.

We feel this is a valuable bridge between saving time and having a smooth planning experience. I will admit, planning a wedding or event has its pain points. There should be no reason why you as a client have to go through dozens of websites just to plan your big day. There should be no reason why you would have to do any planning if you had an effective planner involved.

In Conclusion

Our goal is to not give you a piecemeal solution that doesn’t touch on every aspect of planning. At the end of the day, there is no app or checklist out there that can comprehensively walk you through event planning or wedding design. If you are already frustrated by the thousands of things you believe you must do for your wedding or event, contact us and we will show you why a Digital DC Event Planner makes sense. There is no need for you to sabotage your event any longer.