A themed party is a fun party. It’s an excuse for you to break out of the leather pants your partner won’t let you wear regularly. Your best friend might finally have a reason to re-explore her dance uniforms circa 2008.

A theme can elevate a party and reflect the party’s purpose as well as your personality. Are you going to choose something fun and goofy to display your humorous side or something fancy and elegant to show your sophisticated side? Either way, we love a themed party, and we think you will too.

As an event planning and management company, we look forward to planning themed New Year’s Eve parties that kick the year off in just the right way. Here are five reasons you should ring in 2023 with a theme.

1. Some of the Planning is Already Done for You

Having a theme makes planning easier. It’s like a solid foundation to build upon that gives you direction. A theme can guide you and lessen distraction when choosing décor, food, drinks, and invites. Some of the planning becomes a no-brainer once you establish your theme. Try a theme that will allow you to find coordinating decorations easily.

2. Makes an Impression

We’ve all been to the ordinary, run-of-the-mill New Year’s Eve party. A theme could help make an impression so your party stands out from other New Year’s parties. Your guests will remember this for future reference, and the next time your name is on a party invitation, people will cancel all plans to be available! Make an even bigger impression with a photo booth, so you and your guests have a memory of the fantastic night forever.

3. A Great Mood Setter

Imagine walking into a foyer that has been turned into a Hawaiian beach scene. Or hearing the bee bops of ‘50s music as you approach the venue. Or seeing a re-creation of the Times Square ball ready to drop at midnight. Talk about breaking the ice in style. Your party will draw a certain energy from the theme that will invigorate your guests from the get-go.

4. Brings out the “Fun” in People

If you involve costumes in your themed party, people will get excited to be someone else for the night, almost like they get to escape life for a few hours. Who doesn’t want that (especially after the busy-ness of the holidays)? Whatever the theme is, your guests get to channel their inner creativity into designing a look for the night, and adding personality to the outfit is the cherry on top of the fun theme.

There’s always the one friend who is uber talented and handmade her whole costume. There’s always the expert thrifter who scored big time at the local Goodwill, and then there’s always the slacker who threw something together at the last minute, but somehow it turned out fantastic. It’s fun to learn about people’s personalities from the way they constructed their outfits. A theme will help get the ball rolling!

5. A Great way to Reflect Your Creativity

You can draw on every creative bone in your body as you plan your themed party. If you’re going to do a theme, you may as well go all out! Let your imaginative side take over, and people will be impressed with your creative planning skills. Try to think of details that will stand out and contribute to your themed party’s overall experience and vibe.

The sky is the limit when choosing a theme for your New Year’s Eve party, but if you need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, here are some great themes.

Masquerade Party

Elegant. Timeless. Traditional. This is a fun way to add some mystery to the event and walk the line between fun and elegance. Masquerade parties can involve gorgeous gowns, unique masks, and a dance floor. What’s not to love?

Through the Decades Party

A truly great way to use an actual New Year’s Eve theme and bring all the nostalgia. Have guests show up dressed in staples from their favorite decade. You may recognize pieces your friends wore when you knew them back in the day. This is also a fun way to imitate some of your favorite fashion moments in pop culture.

Party at the Disco

Dance your way into the coming year with a disco party. Think disco balls, lights, and fun colors. Think 70s music and attire and groovy hairdos. Nothing gets the party started quite like a 70s vibe.

Glitz, Glam, and Glitter

A New Year’s Eve staple theme. If it looks like a glitter bomb exploded at your party, you are on the right track. New Year’s Eve is all about silver and gold sparkles and glittery glam. New Year’s Eve attire has traditionally been sequined dresses and bow ties paired with sparkly accessories that you may not be able to get away with on any other night. Encourage your guests to bedazzle themselves from head to toe. They’ll wear the sequins; you supply the glitter-filled balloons and confetti (and the vacuum afterwards).

Breakfast at Midnight Party

Are you a huge Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan? Follow that Tiffany blue theme and make it a breakfast at Midnight party. Think elegant attire with lots of pearls, black and white, and Tiffany Blue. If you have a large budget, hand each guest a box as they enter the party. Most boxes will be empty, but one lucky guest will win a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s.

Pajama Party

Some people don’t have the energy to do elaborate makeup and gorgeous outfits, let alone stay up past midnight! Cue the silky jammies and fluffy slippers for the anti-New Year’s Eve party folks who still like to party. Make it comfy and casual. Think hot cocoa by the fire and comfort food.

Movie Theme

You could either do a general movie theme where guests dress up like their favorite movie character, or you could choose a specific genre, movie, or time period. Think popcorn, candy, and soft drinks. You could even plan a movie marathon and choose festive films to watch, such as “New Year’s Eve” and “When Harry Met Sally.”

Black Light Party

Black light parties are fun for younger crowds who love glow parties and loud music. All you need to do is cover your window with black construction paper, swap out your regular light bulbs with black lights, and decorate with glow-in-the-dark shapes. Have your guests wear neon, white, or anything that will glow in the dark.

Black Tie Party

A simple, elegant black tie party is timeless.. You could even request everyone wear black and white, no colors. Keep the invitations black and white and fancy, and keep the décor classy and formal. Think cocktails, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres.

Hollywood Theme

A personal favorite. And you could take it a step further and make it old Hollywood-themed. You’ll likely get a few Marilyn Monroes, some Audrey Hepburns, and maybe an Elvis Presley. Think red carpets, glam, and lots of feathers.

Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing, your biggest problem may be choosing a suitable theme; there are so many good ones! Once you select a theme, commit to it, and your New Year’s Eve party will be one be one for the books. And if you want help planning the perfect bash, call our team of party planners in DC, Los Angeles, and Dallas. We’ll handle the stress so you can sit back and enjoy the party of the year.


New Year is one of the anticipated events, and it’s a great opportunity to throw a festive party. A more enjoyable get-together with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues can make the celebration even more unforgettable. Having a great theme for your New Year’s Party is one way to ensure everyone has a blast! This infographic will convince you why theme parties are the way to go.

10 Themes for Your New Year’s Party Infographic


The Perfect Theme for Your New Year’s Party