Super Bowl LIV will be played Sunday February 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will play during the biggest NFL game of the year. 





But, what is a football game without food and drinks to enjoy it with? Super Bowl Food can make or break your game watching experience. If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you’ll know that we have offered up plenty of hosting tips. From Thanksgiving dinner to a regular dinner party at home


Today will be a bit different from what some may recommend for creating the perfect Super Bowl LIV party. Verses providing you with a slew of food recipes, we are giving you the perfect Super Bowl Food that you can order.

That’s right!! In 2020, we want you to refrain from over exerting yourself as the host. You’ve been the perfect host and know how to be the worst party host ever. We will add to this by giving you the places to order food from making you a smart host. Will people judge you for ordering food at your party? Only if it tastes bad.


The Best Super Bowl Food To Order


Outback Steakhouse Kookaburra Wings





The best Guacamole in DC goes to Rosa Mexicana and Lauriol Plaza. You can easily grab some Guacamole from your local grocery store and season it to your liking. However, these two locations are pretty spot on with the right ingredients. 



I believe you cannot watch a sporting event without having pizza there. Check out this list of the best pizza by state from Thrillist. 

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen



A sweet and savory combination on game day is never a bad thing. Your Super Bowl Food options should have a variety to satisfy every need. I mean who doesn’t like sweets?


BBQ Ribs


Now we know there is a great debate when it comes to who has the best ribs. We also know there is a big difference in taste between beef and pork ribs.


Sub Sandwich



Sandwiches can come in an assortment of options. The goal for your Super Bowl Food is to get a variety. Different breads, meats, and cheeses is what will make the biggest impact. Don’t skip out on the seasoning either.


Loaded Nachos


You can find this delicious dish almost anywhere. From the Park MGM Hotel in Las Vegas to District Taco. You have the option of ordering enough to feed an army.


In Conclusion

There is not need for you to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food for your Super Bowl LIV party. It’s truly easy to just order out and either have it delivered or you pick it up. My recommednation for picking up food is to make sure you order your Super Bowl Food in the same area. Don’t add to the mayhem by picking up food all across town.


What is one dish you would add to this list?