For event hosts and couples, you must pay close attention to the types of food that you plan to serve. Food is one of the key things that can ruin an event if done wrong. This is why these 2019 food trends will work in your favor.

Today there are far too many factors to consider for pleasing your guests. Do they have a nut allergy? Are they doing a paleo diet? Are your Vegetarians tired of just eating fish? All of these are potential questions to consider. This is why we want to outline some creative ways to ensure your DC wedding or event is delicious as ever.

If you are hosting a charity event or getting married, try these 2019 trends as they are certain to make your event memorable and personalized.

Enhance Your Food Presentation

I’ve learned years ago that people are more inclined to eat things that look appealing. No matter how hard you try to describe a dish, if it doesn’t look good, no one will eat it. Presentation is key for food displays. When it comes to events and weddings, your guests have seen a chicken plated hundreds of ways.

Use this time to explore and get creative with your food presentation. Talk to your catering company or chef and ask them to use unique vessels to present your food. Nothing should be off the table. I’ve seen sushi being served on humans. I’ve seen desserts being served through a push pop. Let you imagination run wild.

Design Funky Dessert Stations

2019-food-trends-andrew-roby-events Photo: Brenda Godinez

Dessert options will be a major food trend in 2019. While we are constantly impressed by beautiful cakes, that still doesn’t meet the needs of all guests. Your guests want a variety and within that variety they want options. If you are like me, you want to eat cake and still go to the dessert bar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Your dessert station can be one thing like this milkshake bar. You can also consider donuts, ice cream, candy, and various cobbler. It’s up to you to be creative when giving options.

Introduce Hometown Items

2019-food-trends-andrew-roby-events Photo: Cel Lisboa

Is your city known for a signature dish? Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza. Paris is known for crepes. Memphis is known for BBQ. What is your city known for?

If you are hosting a DC wedding, you may have guests that are traveling from out of town. What better way to introduce DC to them than to serve a popular dish during your wedding? Maybe you are having an African wedding and want to serve something traditional, go for it.

Choose items that compliment more traditional things you might serve. Maybe you love a good rice, add that to your menu. Chefs are always up for changing the menu to better suit your needs. Eventgoers are expecting it especially at conferences.

Don’t Fear Substitutions

2019-food-trends-andrew-roby-events Photo: Daniel Apodaca

If you are hosting a plated dinner we know the three main options to pick from. Chicken, beef or vegetarian. Most likely you guests have selected from this limited menu dozens of times. Why does your event have to add to their track record?

Verses serving salmon, why not give your guests a choice of sushi? If your food budget allows for substitutions, go for it. My best advice is to meet with your chef and discuss options. Not every substitution comes with a higher price. I’m not asking you to change everything from the norm. What I am asking is that you give substitutions a try and see how effortlessly it can be.

In Conclusion

Food should always be a new experience. It doesn’t make much sense to serve your guests things that they eat all the time at home. Change up the status quo and give your guests items that would make them say WOW. Remember your food servings should be interactive, eye-catching, and most importantly, delicious. Did you enjoy these 2019 food trends?