Summer is almost here and that means an explosion of heat, rain and those pesky mosquitoes. It also means weddings and events are taking place around your city. Are you the lucky couple with a summer wedding? Are you the company hosting a summer shindig? If so, it’s time to avoid these event mistakes and enhance your guest experience.

The Biggest Summer Event Mistakes To Avoid

Having your entire event outside

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Jeremy Wong – Outdoor Garden Wedding

I’ve had my fair share of weddings where the couple decided to not only have their ceremony outside, but the reception too. While an outdoor experience sounds amazing, it’s horrible when in the heat. Guests should be considered when planning your summer wedding. Opt for an outdoor ceremony and then an indoor reception. If you go with having both outdoor, consider climate control systems, umbrellas, individual fans, and mosquito repellants.

P.S. Try to avoid having your wedding during the height of pollen season. There’s no way to avoid a sneeze fest during your outdoor event.

Summer Events Need Hydrated Guests

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Monika Grabkowska – Infused Water Station

Hydration is essential to any summer wedding or event and we don’t mean alcohol. Hydration stations are critical for any event taking place outside. Water vs juices is ideal as you want to quickly hydrate your guests to prevent them from overheating and possibly being a heat casualty. Anything with electrolytes is uber helpful as well.

Choosing the wrong time of day for your summer wedding or event

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Madison Nickel – Sunlight in a park

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to look at someone when the sun is glaring right in my face. Selecting the wrong time of day for your wedding and event can be problematic in so many ways. Your Photographer, Videographer, and guests will sit in misery wondering why they are being punished because you decided to have your event at 12 noon.  Early morning or closer to the evening are the best times to host any event.

Picking the wrong flowers

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Caroline Ingebrigtsen -Colorful bouquets of tulips

It’s very easy to overlook the fact that just because flowers grow outside doesn’t mean they will survive your outdoor wedding or event. It’s essential that you get with your Florist to ensure the flowers that you select will hold up during the summer. Not all flowers are created equal for all weather conditions. Flowers wilt and will wilt like melting ice cream if you’re not careful.

Side Note: Please do not ask if you can re-purpose flowers from the ceremony to the reception. This is always problematic because the flowers won’t look the same after being in the heat for hours after being cut.

Hello pesky bugs you were invited to our wedding and event too

As much as you love to be outdoors, so does bugs and bees. While sprays may help, who really wants to spray their tailored suit or dress with bug spray? Use plants like rosemary and lavender. Not only do they smell good, they help to keep you from passing out fly swatters. Lemongrass Citronella candles also works wonders.

Be sure to not have food being displayed outside to further attract bugs. No amount of lavender or candles will hold them back.

Allow me to pull out my green velvet blazer for this summer event

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Mariya Georgieva – Men in colorful suits at Fortezza de Basso

What you wear to any event is based on the season you’re in. The type of year and event location tells you if your attire should be formal or not. If you are having a company picnic, velvet blazers are not needed. Brides consider a lighter fabric if you are having a summer wedding especially if it’s outdoors. Heavy gowns or veils are not your friend in the summer.

Thinking all of your guests have nothing to do during the summer

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Bruce Christianson – Floating in a pool

Summer accounts for 45% of Americans traveling throughout the year. Waiting to send Save the Dates or invitations is bound to have limited RSVPs. If you choose to have a summer wedding or event, I recommend that you send your notices out at least 2-3 months earlier than you would if your event was in the spring or fall. This is one of the biggest event mistakes people miss.

Thinking your wedding cake and deserts are impervious to the heat

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Thomas William – Three wedding cakes

Have you ever seen a cake sweat? What about cupcake icing turn into a glob of mess? That’s exactly what will happen if you place desserts outside in the heat. My tip would be to only display these items right before you are about to use them.

Dummy cakes are also a cool way to display your cake without having a cake meltdown. What is a dummy cake? These are Styrofoam versions of your cake that look like a real cake. You can have one layer that’s a real cake for those of you doing a cake cutting ceremony and the rest of the real cake is with catering who will cut and serve to your guests.

Did you check the weather for your summer event?

Summer Wedding And Event Mistakes To Avoid Joel Overbeck – Couple Getting Married In The Rain

While it may be obvious that it’s going to be hot, that doesn’t mean it won’t rain. Having a backup plan for inclement weather is essential for any outdoor event or wedding. Tip: you can Google anything to include when sunset will happen on your wedding day. You can also find out what time it will rain on any given day.

Do you have some tips couples or event host should follow to avoid event mistakes? Leave a comment below.