Spring has finally decided to stand up against winter and show it’s face. That means summer is around the corner and it’s time to figure out your corporate summer event ideas.

Why summer? More than 657,000,000 trips were taken last year between Memorial and Labor Day. That means people are looking for fun activities to do when the weather is at its best. As a company this is a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of your employee’s desire to have fun outside of the office.

Another great reason to celebrate the summer with a fun event at your company is allowing your employees to take a break when it seems to be the busiest time of the year. Yes I know it may not make sense to tell them to take a break when things are busy, but it’s so necessary. Did you know that 50% of the workforce is disengaged, and another 18% is actively disengaged?

Shocking to hear that, but I believe this is because employees are simply not motivated or given incentives to do their best. I also believe opportunities like planning corporate events is a way to change the perspective of your employees.

Here are some summer event ideas to attract attendees.

BBQ Corporate Event

bbq-summer-event-ideas-andrew-roby-events Corporate BBQ-Andrew Roby Events

Who on earth does not like a good BBQ? I mean besides the always questionable potato salad, treating your employees to lunch is ALWAYS a great idea. Grab one of your favorite local vendors or catering company and have them set up and let your team hang out and have fun.

There is not reason why you need to reinvent the wheel for this. It was and will never be broken if you go this route.

But if you choose a company BBQ party be sure to not make this into a pot luck type deal. A pot luck forces people to create dishes and if you have a large company that’s a commitment you don’t want to burden them with. Remember it’s a break from work not another form of work.

Host a Company Concert

 Concert-summer-event-ideas-andrew-roby-events Concert- Andrew Roby Events

Now you may say this is going to cost you more than what you would like to spend. I’m going to say think it over and spend it anyways. With proper planning this will be fun especially if you open it up to the public. So consider this as a PR opportunity while treating your employees to a number of popular local bands.

If planned correctly, this could be a highly anticipated event that your employees can bring their family to. The public will instantly establish you as a household name.

TIP: Even if you don’t want to host your own concert, buy tickets for those who want to attend. We aren’t talking about buying $100+ tickets. It’s the thought.

Host a Summer Sporting Event

 Baseball-Game-summer-event-ideas-andrew-roby-events Baseball Game

It’s without question that your employees will love some form of sporting activity especially if it means getting out of work. Treat them to a Nationals baseball game or any favorite team where you are based. We picked baseball because it’s common for games to occur early afternoon during the week which is another perk seen by your employees.

Take Advantage of the Soft Holidays

 Mexican-Food-andrew-roby-events Mexican Food

Soft holidays are days like Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. While you don’t need to make a big fuss over these, look for ways to be a part of them. Get everyone involved in decorating the office for Cinco de Mayo. Purchase roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day and raffle off a few large bouquets as prizes.

There are so many opportunities you can use during soft holidays that further engaged your employees and gives them something to do even when you can give them time off.

Host a Keynote Speaker

Now this might sound like a snore fest hosting a keynote speaker where employees can potentially be bored to death. How about flip things around and grab a keynote speaker that is a celebrity? If I knew one of my favorite celebrities was coming to speak at my job, I’d arrive to work 3 hours early, grab a seat and wait patiently for him or her.

It’s one thing to have someone from the industry come and talk and another to have a fan favorite come and hang with you for a few hours.

Allow employees to Volunteer

 Volunteer-andrew-roby-events Volunteer

There are tons of charities that are looking for volunteers. Seek out one that is close to a lot of your employees. Maybe it’s a Cancer Race they want to run or support. Maybe it’s building a home or cleaning up a local park. Whatever the cause, it’s great that you are allowing them to spend time away during work hours to volunteer. That’s always a WIN/WIN!

More Reasons to Come Up With Summer Event Ideas:

#1 – This Boosts Morale

When you have employees working year round they need to be rewarded for their efforts. If they are showing tremendous growth in your company this should be a easy leadership decision.

#2 – Allows Corporate Integration

Everyone doesn’t know everyone in your organization unless it’s small. Hosting events like this allows everyone a chance to meet other’s within the company and learn more about what they do. Being able to see the bigger picture outside of a cubicle or office space is always great.

#3 – Pushes Employees to Achieve

When your employees know that you are implementing this as a rewards opportunity they feel the need to do their best. Even if it’s not geared towards rewarding them, using these events to highlight values and corporate culture is always a positive thing.

#5 – People Want to Work For You

When your employees see that your best interest is more than them working 9-5, they feel like you are invested in them. You genuinely want to make them happy and look after them. That alone gives employees satisfaction and in return lowers your change over rate.

Is there a particular event you want to create for your company but need help with it? Give us a call and we can give you amazing summer event ideas specifically for your company. We would love to create just what your company needs.