A good mother deserves the world. But since the world is hard to give, we think a good party will suffice. The best gifts a mother can receive include spending time with you. She’d take quality time with you over a materialistic gift any day, and she’ll be impressed if you come up with creative activities to do with her. She will also feel loved and valued that you put so much effort and dedication into making her day special.

If you want to make Mother’s Day special for your mom this year, we have some fun ideas for a Mother’s Day party. These ideas can work for a big party or a small get-together. They can be tailored to your specific situation, and they’ll work best if you put lots of love and heart into them. Here are seven ideas for a Mother’s Day event.

1. Scrapbook Soiree

Scrapbooking can be a really special way to bond with your mother and unleash the nostalgia. Once upon a time, people made photo books by cutting out pictures and pasting sentimental cutouts and stickers onto blank pages. Bring back scrapbooking as a special way to document memories forever and activate your creativity.

You and your mom can either work on the same pages together or each work on your own and bind them together when you’re both finished. This would be a great party to invite your friends to and have them bring their moms along for a mommy and me scrapbooking soiree. Hey, that’s pretty catchy for an invitation, don’t you think?

2. Baking Bash

Mother’s Day should be sweet. What better way to add sweetness than to bake something delicious? If your mom is the baking type then a baking party might be the perfect way to spend time together on Mother’s Day. Make it a party and invite your friends and their moms to join. Make it a contest to add a little friendly competition to the mix. Supply a prize for the winner.
Your guests will not only have fun but also have something delicious to take home.

Another idea is to supply cakes for each mother/daughter duo and have a cake decorating contest. Just make sure you get firm RSVPs in advance so you know how many cakes to make.

3. Catchy Karaoke

You know your mother better than we do. She would either love a karaoke party or she would hate it! If you think she would love it, invite your best and worst singer friends and their moms for a perfect mix of impressive eye-brow raises and hysterical laughs.
Provide some snacks and drinks, set up a stage, and break out the karaoke machine. Have each mother/daughter duo sing together. For a fun twist, have the audience pick the song for them so they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into until the song starts.

4. Sundae Celebration

Nothing brings back the childhood memories like a loaded ice cream sundae. Turn your kitchen into a 50s-themed ice cream parlor where mothers can build their own ice cream sundaes with their daughters.

We recommend having the works: different flavored ice creams, bananas, maraschino cherries, hot fudge, caramel, nuts and, of course, aerosol whipped cream. Turn on some retro music and indulge.

5. Picnic Party

A sweet way to throw a Mother’s Day get-together is to plan a picnic with your closest mother/daughter duos and head to your favorite park. Assign each daughter something to bring and let the mothers be pleasantly surprised when they show up to an adorable picnic at the park.

You can plan activities (Frisbee, corn hole, etc.) or crafts for the park. You might bring a game to play or have everybody share thoughts about their mom. You can celebrate your mother with the wonders of Mother Nature in plain view.

6. Spa Social

What better way to relax and spend quality time with your mom than a spa day? This can be a great way to encourage relaxation for those moms out there who have non-stop busy lives and are always on the go. Everyone needs some TLC sometimes, and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to deliver. Treatment ideas for your spa day include mani/pedis, foot scrubs, facials, and massages.

If you can’t afford a trip to a spa or prefer the intimacy of a home party, create your own spa. Stock up on nail polish, files, and hand cream. Buy matching face masks. Turn on some peaceful music, and DIY your spa experience.

7. Wine and Dine

Intimate wine and dine parties are always a hit. If you’re a good cook, think of a special meal that your mother loves and whip it up. Pick up a bottle of her favorite wine.

If your homemade meals always turn into food for the ducks then catering might be the safe choice. An intimate dinner party might suit her personality. If so, it’s a perfect and simple way to spend quality time while enjoying good food and drinks. Find a good theme for the table and incorporate your mom’s favorite colors and flowers. She will notice the details and appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to create a special evening just for her.

Whether you want to keep it small or invite all the mother/daughter duos you know, these seven ideas are perfect for a Mother’s Day party. If you want to make this event extra special and would like a party planner to shoulder the stress, ask about our event planning services in D.C., Dallas, or Los Angeles.