Take me to the ocean please! After a crazy winter we simply wanted to be somewhere that let us know the sun wasn’t in a witness protection program. A Westin Annapolis wedding did just the trick.

Sitting in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland The Westin serves as the perfect wedding venue for couples who want a luxurious coastal feel. It’s the perfect escape if you’re a busy city-goer where you and your guests have the perfect amenities without feeling too far removed from the city.

The Westin Lobby


Last week we had the chance to visit Westin Annapolis to partner with Intrigue Designs and create a spring wedding concept. From the moment we checked in, to get started on designing, we knew that this was the perfect venue to create some wedding magic. Our eyes darted to every corner of the hotel lobby especially the green space that served as the perfect photo opportunity.

One of the many amenities that really impressed us was the Presidential Suite. It was absolutely massive. I felt like most DC apartments couldn’t even compete with it’s size. Having the need for a large suite for couples really comes in handy. You’re dealing with hair, makeup, and getting dressed for more than one person. A standard room simply won’t due for couples.

Westin Annapolis Presidential Suite

 Westin-Annapolis-Presidential-Suite-andrew-roby-events Westin Annapolis Presidential Suite

After getting settled we headed to the Capitol Ballroom which is the largest of their 3 event spaces. We immediately loved the wave walls accents that surrounded the room. That along with the water inspired carpet and chandeliers gave us a completely different feel from other hotels.

But of course we couldn’t daydream any longer. We had work to do.

With any venue that you select, you should always find one that reflects the theme and style of your wedding. It simply makes things far easier on your wedding budget. What do I mean? What would cost more for you? 1 – A venue where you had to bring in pipe and drape and flooring or 2 – A venue that had perfect aesthetics that wasn’t a budget buster? I know you’ll select #2.

So we finally got to work doing part of what we love – designing. Below are some of the images from the event that we want to share with you. It was captured by NikoBella Photography.  Scroll below to see list of vendors involved.

Wedding Photos

Westin Annapolis Wedding Vendors: