October 2018, Sharon contacted me for her daughter’s wedding. She said her daughter’s wedding would take place at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City. I was excited to learn that Beth and Eric would have their wedding at one of my favorite Virginia wedding venues.

Just a few years ago we created a Harlem Renaissance wedding concept that went viral. So I knew that Sharon made a smart decision to book here. One of the big factors was that Ritz-Carlton had a huge fire place where they wanted to have their ceremony.

The Virginia wedding venue also played into the desire to make this into a winter style wedding. Sharon mentioned she wanted a place that had character and worked with her daughters theme. She simply need someone who would fill in the details and created tender moments for her daughter and son-in-law.

Knowing the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, I knew that we could create something that they would try enjoy.

Wedding Planner Scope of Work

Our main focal points were an ice sculpture martini luge, a fire place, and hot chocolate station. They selected silver, grey, and touches of cranberry as their wedding colors.

The couple used the acronym I.C.E. which meant intimate, cozy, and elegant to describe the feeling they desired. As their Virginia Wedding Planners, we delved deeper into their personalities to make sure we didn’t steer too close to the Christmas theme.

Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City Ceremony Decor

After getting a good idea of what Eric and Beth wanted, we came up with a few wedding decor ideas. Since the fireplace was a big request, we wanted to ensure it had the right amount of detail.

Violet Gardens Floral Designs provided arrangements designed with baby’s breath, white roses, and dripping phaelenopsis orchids. The mouth of fireplace the same floral arrangement accented with clear cylinder vases of different heights and ivory pillar candles.


Violet Gardens Floral Designs also lined the aisle with 3 foot curly willow branches, lush silver dollar eucalyptus stems, and ivory dendrobium orchids in trumpet vases.

Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City Reception Decor

We decided to use two different types of linen to give the reception a bit more drama. I presented them with a textured linen from BBJ Linen. Beth stated, “Eric and I both immediately loved the Frost Lucia…it screamed winter elegance.” 


Because I also love adding layers, I mixed a Dove Gray Faux Dupioni from Nüage Designs. It was a great contrast for the room.

On the tables we went with a lotus napkin fold, that although took more time, was so worth it. On top of the napkin was a gift for each guest to take home. We also incorporated some signature decor items like angels and polar bears into the decor theme.


The wedding head table carried over the decor idea from the ceremony. Beth wanted a long table that she and Eric’s wedding party could sit with them. We did not want to obstruct any site lines so keeping the centerpieces low made the most sense.


My team and I were honored to plan such a wedding. Here is the review that Sharon gave us.

Wedding Review

“Hopefully this won’t feel like just another thank you following just another wedding we’ll done.   Because this weekend was truly so much more than an ordinary wedding.  

I was expecting something well organized and I was hoping we wouldn’t have to spend the night tending to each little glitch or quirk.  
But again, there was nothing ordinary about this event.  And while I am trying to find unordinary words to say thank you.  It’s very important that you don’t receive yet another ordinary thank you.   It just won’t be enough. 

So let’s see how if I can do it justice….

First…you created an enchanted evening from designing a wow reception room to seeing it all through to the end!!

Second…the team never rested and I noticed.   

Third…the relentless attention to detail at every corner made it easy to actually enjoy our daughter’s wedding.  

Fourth…every single person felt special while in that room.   Everyone complimented the evening and each one felt something very special that seemed to be just for them.   

Fifth….our bride and groom were overwhelmed with love and personalized details stemming from what you designed.   

Sixth…you made it seem easy and reasonable to go over the top with design to create an experience not just decorate a room!!  

Seventh…you accepted us without reserve.   And we come with many bags and much baggage and you didn’t judge! Not even the sugar plum fairy threw you off!

Eight…you taught us what good comes from trusting.   As long as you have the right planner you can trust they’ve got you.  

Ninth…this was not the biggest budget you’ve ever worked with but you treated us like it was.  Knowing I am sure, that it was our biggest budget.  Thank you for treating us like we were your most important client ever 

And tenth…thank you for sending us your wedding angels!!! When people do what they love.   It comes through in everything they do!     

Ten reasons for us to be truly thankful that you do this as your passion!   We picked you for a reason.  And now we learned there were actually ten (probably more) reasons!  I believe in Devine guidance and it’s been proven yet again 

Sleep well today knowing there are 80 people out there feeling special and recollecting memories to last a lifetime! 

With my deepest and most sincere appreciation!”


Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City Wedding Photos

Photos by Snowdrop Photography