When it comes to hosting a special event, you want cocktails that will have your guests oooh-ing and ahhh-ing, so in today’s post I wanted to share some of the prettiest cocktails I have made over the last year on Fashionable Hostess that will do just the trick! Here they are…Starting with the images below… the prettiest cocktails of all can actually be the result of over-the-top garnish! Here I took champagne glasses, dipped the rim in honey and then followed immediately with gold sugar to make this beautiful sugar rim {which of course is edible!!}. After filling with rosé champagne, I took toothpicks and stuck them into Sugarfina gummy lips to display across the top of the glass. Seriously, the sweetest glass of champagne out there! See more in this FH post.

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess- home made mojitos

Next up, extra minty mojitos served in mint julep cups! Something about these glasses really dresses up a drink. Mine have our monogram {which I got at Mark & Graham}. Find my go-to lime & mint mojito recipe here.

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess - St Germain and Rose Cocktail

The Prettiest Cocktails leads to Rosé all day with this yummy cocktail. I love the sweet element from the St. Germain!

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess1

Is this not the prettiest punch bowl you have ever seen? Slice fruits like grapefruits, lemons, and limes and continually layer in a large crystal bowl. Whip up your favorite punch concoction and serve with a ladle! Don’t forget to have extra slices of lemons to place on the rim of each glass! See the punch I whipped up here in my guest post forLauren Kelp’s Blog.

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess - Moscow Mule REcipe

Moscow Mules are my new go-to cocktail… and I will admit at first it was because I could drink them out of these sweet mugs! I have made delicious blood orange ones on the blog, or you can’t go wrong with a classic {which when made with Tito’s Vodka is gluten-free!}.

Prettiest Cocktials by the Fashionable Hostess - party punch

Rosemary & Grapefruit Punch is the perfect drink for a “shower” party. Find the recipe and some pretty appetizers in this FH post. Oh, and you can easily nix the vodka element for a baby shower!

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess - mini Bottles of champagne

Anything mini with a hangtag is a no brainer! These “Cheers” Hangtags come from one of my favorite Esty shops called The Yellow Note.

Prettiest Cocktails by the Fashionable Hostess- Perrier Jouet

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a fancy bottle of champagne with slender flutes, alongside beautiful flowers. I love greeting guests with champagne in my foyer to kick off the night, and when it looks this pretty, who wouldn’t be excited! Let me know if you have any fabulous drink finds I need to test out!

Photography by Wild Native Co and Katie Lopez Photography

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