Knowing that your birthday is coming up automatically sends you into excitement. You begin to think about how many people to invite? Where to host the party? Is there a theme and so much more. I’m sure you are daydreaming about one of your amazing birthday parties right now. Did you consider a birthday party in Morocco?

The cards may not always look the same if you have never planned a party in another country before. If it’s in a country that has a communication barrier you may wonder if it’s even possible.

Well no matter the destination, you can host your birthday party with ease. We recently designed a birthday party in Marrakesh Morocco and want to share with you a few tips to follow when you decide to plan your birthday party in another country.

Moroccan Birthday Party Tips

#1 Hire A Concierge Service

The best option if you are planning your birthday party on your own is to seek out a Concierge service that is fluent in your language. It is extremely difficult to try and explain your birthday party wishes to some who doesn’t understand you.

When considering your Concierge be sure that they are capable of speaking with you either on WhatsApp or via email. There will be a time difference based on your birthday location. If it takes your contact more than 2 business days to respond to you, consider hiring someone else.

Two days with a 6-hour time difference can mean a week before you can really settle on a particular birthday task.

The benefit in hiring a Concierge service is that they are very familiar with the country and should have plenty of contacts for you to consider. Trust me many places have vendors who do not have websites and working with a Concierge can help you find the right vendors who are dependable. They also serve as your translator.

#2 Consider The Right Venue

5 Tips on Planning A Birthday Party In Morocco

We talk extensively about picking the right venue for your event. One way to save money when hosting an international birthday party is selecting a venue that can not only house you, but host your party.

Places like Villa Rose Sultan & Spa in Marrakesh Morocco served as the base of the excitement for last week’s birthday festivities.

We get that international trips can be expensive especially when traveling with your family. You need a place that is accommodating and will be perfect for the ultimate dinner or birthday party. This way you don’t book a place to stay and also have to book a place to host your party.

Villa Rose not only had a swimming pool, but the luxurious grounds came with indoor and outdoor dinning options, ping pong, miniature golf, its own herb garden, and tons of outdoor places to have private conversations or simply take a nap.

#3 Think of ways to get people out of the hotel

One of the main reasons I travel to locations is based on what activities that are there that I can do in the United States. I personally don’t need to waste money traveling around the world to see another beach. I certainly don’t want to be on a 6 hour flight just to stay in my hotel either.

As the host you should consider listing activities that guests can do while they are with you. Yes some may not want to do anything, but in the event that they do, they have options.

Here are a few activities to consider for your birthday party in Morocco:

  1. Historical Tours

  2. Shopping

  3. Museums

  4. Adventures like riding quads or hiking

  5. Tasting Tours of popular restaurants and shops

What you want to avoid is planning out every single day with things that people must do. Although it’s your birthday trip, many of your guests will also want to break away and do their own thing. Give them the option to do so.

#4 Don’t forget transportation

5 Tips on Planning A Birthday Party In Morocco

When you arrive at the airport in another country it can be intimidating. One way of reducing the stress is by having some sort of transportation greet your guests if you all arrive at separate times. This lets your guests know they are in good hands and will arrive to meet up with the group.

You can also book a large van or bus and encourage guests to pick a flight that will arrive in a certain time slot. This way you all can meet at the airport and get the party started.

#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Over Communicate

For anyone who has never traveled internationally there is going to be a ton of questions. Even for the most experienced of traveler there will be questions about what to expect before, during and after the trip.

WhatsApp and similar tools are your friend. Most data plans cost when traveling out of country. WhatsApp is great because it only uses data meaning you can simply connect to WiFi and communicate with anyone around the world.

I encourage you to create a group chat and add everyone who is going with you. This serves as your communication hub to remind everyone at one time about dinner, activities, and other pressing matters like security.

Are you looking to host your birthday party in Morocco or another country and would like some help? Complete our questionnaire and we can get started.