I know you may have read over the title of this blog post and are giving me one furious side eye. Planning a DC holiday party and we are still in summer? Well yes that is correct.

If you normally have a DC holiday party or have thought about hosting one this year, the summer is the perfect time to start planning. The saying “The early bird gets the worm,” screams true with this suggestion. Think about when you believe most people will begin planning a holiday party. If you guest November then you are correct.

Sadly November and even October is way too late to start planning your holiday party. The holiday season is pure competition. You will always compete with other event hosts, but you now have to factor in vacation time. No not your vacation time, but the vacation time of those who will make your party successful.

5 Reasons to Plan Your DC Holiday Party NOW

1 – Grab Your DC Venue

Most holiday party venues in DC will already be taken by September. That leaves you with planning your party in your office and who really wants to be at work for that? If you are looking for a New Year’s Eve venue you are already at slim picking. Most venues especially for corporate events are snagged up months in advanced so you must beat the crowds for what is left.

2 – You Need A Prime Date

The busiest month to host your holiday party is December. In fact you can expect Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to be BUSY. These are the most popular days of the week for both social and corporate parties and shopping. Combine that with everyone wanting to host a holiday party and you now have a battle on your hands.

DC Party hosts are vying for you and your friends to RSVP to their holiday party announcement vs anyone else who happens to have a party on that exact same day. This is different from the rest of the year because this is a seasonal party. You may not be able to jump to another month to get a larger crowd.

3 – Holiday Party Themes

From masquerade parties to winter wonderlands, you must have a chic theme and decor. We all want to wear holiday party attire to put us in the mood. We also want to see things that reminds us of the holidays. Things like Christmas trees, wreaths, and Christmas lights brings back childhood memories.

Even if you plan on going all out with your theme and decor, you must figure out where you will secure these items. It’s crazy to try and get good decor for a Christmas party in winter. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started seeing Halloween decor next months in stores. Avoid bottom of the barrel choices and start now.

The important part is to book companies now if you plan to use props and specialty items at your holiday party event space.

4 – Book Your Holiday Party Vendors

I see vendors like I see booking the perfect venue. They are hard to find and are always booked in advance. DJs and their top playlists will be in high demand and you can expect all the live bands to have limited dates they are able to perform.

Yes we have a few dates open if you want a fun and energetic team for your party. Click here.

5 – Get Started on Your Holiday Party Menu

Your holiday party should have custom food that satisfies your guilty pleasures. We call these your comfort foods which are extremely popular during the holidays. Will this be a sit down dinner or will it be a standing cocktail reception. Maybe you’ve decided on a buffet. All of these options have different food requirements and staff. Get a jump start on your holiday party food ideas and catering costs now.

Does all of this sound daunting? We would love to talk to you about planning your next holiday party. We are excellent DC Event Planners that can plan the logistics, decorate your home or venue, and make sure your food and entertainment are the absolute best.

Want to get started? Click here.