Perfect makeup is really something to consider before any event where you are the center of attention. Certainly there are plenty of Makeup Artists that can almost vanquish any blemish or skin issue you may have. Prior to going under the brush, clients should be aware of what needs to happen leading up to your event. Makeup Expert Shaune Hayes offers simple yet key tips on how to properly treat your skin before your big day.

Shaune Hayes states that, “makeup looks best when the skin is great”. Key elements on having great skin is cleansing daily, exfoliating at least once a week, and not sleeping in makeup. All vital things we often times can miss as we rush through our busy days.

shaune-hayes-andrew-roby-events Bride putting on earrings

Shaune Hayes also outlines some of the most popular trends she is seeing as we move from winter into spring. Dewey to natural looking palettes are at the top of her list of trends to expect this season.

One final tip that Hayes has to offer has everything to do with Artist expectations. The best rule of thumb even for us Wedding Planners is to seek out a quote from an Artist verses assuming and possibly undercutting their cost. As much as we would love to pay $50 for a Makeup Artist, it’s important to remind all brides that you get what you pay for. Makeup Artists provide a consultation before your wedding. During the consultation they apply makeup for you to see what you will look like on wedding day. Artists also travel with their entire kits to your location and spend between 1-2 hours per person to ensure you look flawless. Work like this cost more than $50 especially when you are expecting images from the wedding day to last a lifetime and show you at your best.

Watch the video below from Shaune Hayes to see everything she has to talk about.