The start of fall is only a few days away. If you have not already started your holiday party planning then now is the time. The most popular dates for parties are December 8, 9, 15, and 16th. This can work in your favor or against you if those are your ideal dates. Like weddings, it’s important to book your venue well in advance so you can spend more time on your ideal holiday party theme.For those of you still working on your venue, here are a few themes to consider for this year’s holiday party.

Holiday Party Theme – Masquerade Ball


A masquerade party is mysterious in the name alone. Allow your guests to explore their alternate personality and get creative with their masks. This type of event can easily be your black-tie affair should you want to host this as a corporate event. Welcome your guests with a glass of champagne, passed hors d’oeuvres, extravagant decor, and a small orchestra or band. Please encourage your guests to bring a mask.

Holiday Party Theme -Night Before Christmas

If you’ve ever wanted to host a Pajama party this would be the time to do so. Ask your guests to arrive in their pajamas and their favorite child hood toy or teddy bear. Create the scene using oversized sofas, day beds, and large floor pillows. The theme has to be about comfort and that childlike essence. Bring in a band or DJ and do not forget hiring someone who can tell really attention grabbing stories. This event theme is versatile and you can make it as simple or risque as you like.

Holiday Party Theme -Santa’s Workshop

Santa Claus and Elves

I love this particular theme because it allows everyone to work together to provide toys to children. This can easily serve as one of your charitable event getting everyone involved. Focus more on the decor for this theme. Your decor should mimic an actual workshop. Consider key things you would see in Santa’s shop. A large Christmas Tree for guests to place their gifts under is one. Having a station to allow guests to build toys similar to how Build-A-Bear does is another. I would also create a action station that allows guests to decorate cookies, build gingerbread houses, and smash chocolate. 

Holiday Party Theme -The Chocolate Factory

Assorted chocolate

We all have a sweet tooth right? What better way to satisfy that and pay homage to Gene Wilder than with a chocolate factory? This is your chance to delve into fantasy and make everything over-the-top. You’ll need oversized designs to usher in your guests imaginations. Christmas Trees can be smothered in chocolate bars. Table vases can be filled with M&Ms. Hors d’oeuvres can be served in edible containers verses cups or spoons. Encourage your guests to eat all things edible. It’s your time to think outside the box for this one. Finally send guests home with Willy Wonka branded candy. 

Holiday Party Theme -Winter Wonderland

We get a lot of couples who are looking for a White Christmas/Winter Wonderland style wedding so this may work twofold. The color palette is obviously white, but it’s what you do with white that makes the wonderland come to life. Use snowflakes under your stemware. I love the idea of Angles wings behind each chair or that of the couple. Being this is around Christmas, wrap gifts in white boxes with silver bows. White Christmas Trees should also be present. Servers can be dressed in white coattails. The goal is to think of things that compliment your all white affair and not a white event for the sake of being white.

Holiday Party Theme – Studio 54

Studio 54

This theme is your ultimate party theme and is perfect for New Year’s Eve. Disco balls, the glamour, and a DJ playing the best dance beats will leave your audience partied out. The goal for this theme is getting everyone to dress up for the theme. Guest participation makes for a memorable event. AskBeyonce‘s guests who attend her recent Soul Train birthday (another good option). The key to this is providing guests with props that you saw during that time frame. 

Holiday Party Theme – Christmas in the Summer

Santa hat on beach chair

Some of us are not fans of cold weather. Reminding your guests of the previous summer and the warm weather after the holidays isn’t a bad idea. I warn you that if you’re going to do this you need to do it 100%. I’m not talking about blowing up a few palm trees here and there. For this theme you need real sand, 8ft tall palm treas, a dope summer photo booth, and a bar filled with summer drink specials. Use a bright color palette that remind guests of the summer. Lastly, encourage guests to bring their swimwear. For this you’ll have to have plenty of lockers for them to store their winter clothes. Just a more intense version of coat check.

If you are having a hard time planing your event or coming up with a theme that fits your audience, contact us and let our experts guide you.