Events and wedding planning online course

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How to build a 7-figure, Events & Wedding Planning business... and LOVE every single second of it!

Join my online course today and find out exactly how I scaled my business to over $1,000,000 in annual sales, including how to form a great team, attract your ideal clients, increase your profits and have A LOT more fun!

Events and wedding planning online course

If you’re an event planner that’s looking to scale their business, increase profits and improve the quality of clientele… Keep reading.

A few years ago I had to rebrand my business after hitting a long and tiresome plateau. My first couple of years were decent but I knew I could be doing better. What I really wanted was more elegant, high profile clients.

Problem was, as much as I loved planning new events & weddings, I always felt overwhelmed with all of the business stuff that went along with it.

I would often struggle with hiring new employees, the delegation of work, doing my taxes, establishing my own pricing structure and more. Everything just felt so daunting to me and my anxiety was killing my business.

That’s when I took the decision to rebuild from the ground up, letting go of everything that I’d done up to that point and starting anew.

Fast forward to today, I’m now earning 6-figures from a business that’s consistently taking in over $1m in sales per year, working with some amazing clients and a fantastic team – and I’m loving every single second of it!

You could be too, if you…


Get my comprehensive, step-by-step course on creating a thriving business that you’ll LOVE!

In this course, you will receive 7+ modules that will teach you the following fundamentals of building a 7-figure events business…

Event Planning Business Success

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Teddi Alaina
“Andrew's connected with the BEST of the BEST, all of whom are just as professional and attentive. This is the type of one-stop-shop that a bride should desire because you end up with the flawless results you’ve dreamed of (and deserved) without the stress that you hear other brides complain about… don’t be one of them!"
Rassi Borneo
“Never hired an event planner for previous parties. Andrew made the entire process so easy! He has the connections in the DC area to recommend the best caterers, entertainers, and bakeries to make sure that your guests will have a great time. We will definitely be asking him to help us with any future events. Thank you, Andrew!
The Ritz-Carlton
“Andrew is one of the best Event Planners we’ve worked with. He is responsive, creative and professional. Anyone would be thrilled to work with him on their next event!”
NES Association
“We needed help with creating a look and vision for a large corporate event. Andrew worked with us and found creative ways to create a beautiful event within our budget. He also took care of all day-of set up which provided a big stress relief leading up to the event. I’d recommend Andrew for any type of event and budget.”

Hey, I'm Andrew

A proud army vet that’s been planning events & weddings since 2005.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of amazing brands across 23 countries (and counting), such as The Knot, Munaluchi Bride, The CW, Simon Malls and The Art Institute, to name a few.

Above all, I’m most proud of my work with some tremendous charities like Ms Veteran America, Susan G. Komen, So Others Might Eat and The Cinderella Foundation, who all dedicate their lives to helping others.

Of course, I wouldn’t be here without my amazing team. They’ve helped me and my business to grow far beyond my wildest dreams, which is why I’m so passionate about repaying the favor to them and their families.

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Event Planning Business Success
Event Planning Business Success

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You will have lifetime access to the course.

Yes, new topics and updates will be added along the way based on our student’s feedback.

A mix of both written & video content, broken up into 8 modules that are continuously being added to over time.

This course is perfect for event planners that are looking to scale their business and improve the quality & calibre of clientele, increase their annual revenue and present a more professional brand.

I’d recommend this course to any event planner that’s having a hard time managing the day-to-day aspects of their business.


Industry experience should not a deciding factor on whether you should or should not buy this course. If you believe that your business could improve in terms of professionalism, scale & efficiency then this course is perfect for you.

  • This course is not for someone who is already able to scale their business to 6 figures and beyond or those that already have high-calibre clients and full-time employees.


If you already have clients in multiple markets, are able to juggle events and weddings simultaneously and are already listed and featured in many publications – this is not for you.

This is not for anyone that is uncoachable and thinks that they know it all. This is not for anyone that isn’t a business owner or decision-maker.

Event Planning Business Success

Still not convinced?

What if you take the course and are not satisfied with the results? No problem.

In the unlikely event that that happens, I will personally guarantee you a 60-minute coaching call with me (for FREE) to ensure that you’re on the right track to building a business that you LOVE!