In 2023, luxury weddings will be bigger and better. The event planning industry is regaining steady footing as the pandemic subsides into something close to “normal,” and the need for virtual events is calming down. We continue to implement the lessons we learned during the “sink or swim” years of COVID, and we’re better for it.

As luxury wedding planners in DC, Dallas, and Los Angeles, we’re obsessed with staying on top of these changes and keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s just around the corner. Here are nine luxury wedding trends we’re excited for in 2023.

Statement Weddings Dresses

Many luxury brides will stick with a tradition as old as time: a white dress. But celebrity bride Sophia Bush may have changed the tide last year by choosing a less traditional statement dress patterned with flowers from California, Oklahoma, and Italy to honor her own heritage and her husband’s (entrepreneur Grant Hughes).

Bridal fashion runways are displaying show-stopping features such as feathers, fringe, and cathedral-length trains. The latest Bridal Fashion Week also showcased billowing sleeves, sheer fabrics, detachable skirts, bows, and 3-D applique on couture pieces.

Last but not least, many modern bridal magazines are touting colored wedding dresses. Brides in 2023 are all about making statements and showing confidence and uniqueness. It doesn’t stop at the dresses. Accessories will be a wow factor, too, as we see embellished veils, wedding capes in lieu of a veil, and bridal gloves.

Traditional Tuxedos with a Twist

Gentlemen are showing up in traditional tuxedos with added wow statements such as velvet and jewel designs and lots of sparkle and shine. After two years of pandemic sweat pants and cotton V-necks, men are ready to dress to the nines for their big day and feel like a million bucks.

We see bold watches, edgy pocket squares, and pops of color. For the more casual grooms, we’re seeing a variety of suits in blues and greens paired with delicate silver accessories. Silver jewelry and accessories will be a staple in 2023.

Nature Views for the Win

Destination weddings with a view and indoor/outdoor venues are all the rage with luxury couples this year. We predict this to be the year where brides and grooms take advantage of natural beauty and put a lot of energy into choosing the perfect spot to say “I do.” Many couples will spend a good chunk of money on a beautiful venue for their luxury wedding, so they’ll only need to add a few touches to complete the look.

After the challenging pandemic years and the hardships couples faced in postponing their wedding during COVID, many couples will opt to elope or travel to a destination so strikingly perfect that a photo of their ceremony at dusk will wind up in a magazine. We foresee a lot of nature for our luxury wedding couples: mountain vistas, beaches, and rolling ranch landscapes.

Themed Weddings

Many couples want their wedding to feel like a turn back in time. We’re seeing Great Gatsby and Old Hollywood themes with glam galore. Think low updos, red lipstick, classic black and white tuxes, and feathered centerpieces. Others want their cake to resemble a sand castle to match their beach theme. Many 2023 clients can describe their concept from start to finish but tell us to execute it in a way that isn’t cliché.

Luxury Photo Booths

Luxury weddings can and should have elements of fun; the fun parts are just on another level. We’re seeing a lot of decked-out photo booths this year with the fanciest of props. Think of an ivy or rose wall as the backdrop with the couple’s initials spelled out in a cool font and lit up in LED lights. For props, think gorgeous masquerade accessories embellished in crystals and professional signage. Luxury wedding booths are the perfect way to say, “Hey, I’m fancy and fun at the same time!”

Open Air Tents

Some of us are still easing back into normalcy after COVID restrictions have dropped. Guests may still feel more comfortable in an open-air environment with no walls rather than an enclosed space. An open-air tent is a great way to have an outdoor feel while being protected from the elements. You might even decide to have one covered section and one fully open section if your venue has a view you don’t want your guests to miss. There are incredible options for open-air wedding tents for your luxury wedding, and it might be the perfect option for you and your sweetheart.

Large Floral Displays

The obsession with florals is continuing to bloom right into 2023. Everyone loves florals and the delightful fragrance they grace a room with. We are seeing a lot of requests for hanging florals and large floral installations suspended above tables.

Many luxury weddings in 2023 will emphasize beautiful floral arrangements and unique displays, and nobody is complaining. Bring on all the flowers! We love working with florists to create grand floral displays that will take your breath away…and your guests’, too.

Petite Bouquets

Many of our couples are going so big on the bridal dresses and floral arrangements that they’re seeking to choose a more minimal bouquet to complement the other elements. We see a lot of handhelds with dainty blooms like lilac, lily of the valley, astilbe, baby’s breath, and lavender.

These minimal bouquets give an elegant look while keeping the focus on the stunning wedding outfit you chose for your big day. Brides will still be imitating the timeless petite bouquets that showed up at the royal weddings of Kate Middleton to Prince William and Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

Embroidered Accessories

A few years ago, there was Hailey Beiber’s “Till Death do us Part” embroidered veil. Last year, there was Kourtney Kardashian’s veil embroidered with the Virgin Mary. In 2023, the embroidered sentiments will live on. We’ll see sweet messages on gloves, handkerchiefs, veils, dresses, and more. We love good embroidery that becomes a keepsake to frame and reflects on for years to come.

Trends come and go, but your unwavering love for your bride or groom is timeless. Enjoy basking in that love while we do all of the heavy lifting required for meticulously perfect luxury wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for a luxury micro wedding planner or someone to handle hundreds of guests for a mega-wedding, we stand by to make sure it lives up to all of your dreams…and then some.


Luxury nuptials will grow and expand in 2023. The need for virtual events is decreasing as the pandemic fades into something nearing “normal,”. We’re obsessed with keeping up with these changes and on what’s coming up as luxury wedding coordinators. We’re excited about these nine luxury wedding themes for 2023.

9 Luxury Wedding Trends Infographic  


Nine Wedding Trends You’re About to See at Luxury Weddings Everywhere