Halloween season is on its way with its scary movies, pumpkin patches and pumpkin-flavored everything! Taking the kids trick or treating and watching them excitedly collect candy in their adorable costumes is a highlight, but Halloween’s not just for kids. It’s a great excuse to throw a party for your adult colleagues and friends.

If you’re ready to extend the Halloween fun to the adults in your life with an unforgettable Halloween bash, try these tips.

Make it as Themed and Festive as Possible

Halloween only comes around once a year so make sure you’re going all in on the Halloween theme. We love a costume requirement, and there’s some great Halloween music out there. For décor, decide whether you want it to be a cutesy Halloween theme or a fright fest. Or maybe a combination of both? Put a spooky twist on all the food. Maybe your beverage is in a cauldron or your snacks are arranged to look like fingers.

Plan Memorable Games

People tend to be more open and willing to be silly when dressed up in a costume. Use this as an opportunity to play Halloween-themed games that will keep your guests laughing. Some may be hesitant to be involved at first but with some drinks and good company, guests will loosen up. Some fun games include:

  • Murder in the dark
  • Adult trick or treat (with booze)
  • Don’t say “Halloween”
  • Bobbing for “eyeballs” (think painted ping pong balls)
  • Costume contest
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Eyeball beer pong
  • Halloween charades
  • Bingo
  • Mummy wrap (divide into teams and see who can wrap their designated “mummy” in a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper the fastest)

Get Creative with Prizes

A little competition drives up engagement and fun so make sure there’s a tantalizing prize waiting at the end of every game. These might include:

  • Little witch cauldrons with travel-sized alcohol bottles inside
  • DIY skeleton trophies
  • Homemade Halloween treats
  • Halloween mugs with candy inside
  • Festive makeup bags
  • Spooky candles
  • Gift certificates in Halloween-themed envelopes

Decorate the Outside, Too

Why not make an impression from the moment guests pull up to your house? Decorate your entryway (bring on the cottony, stretchy spider webs) or have a mini haunted house that guests must walk through. This creates a great first impression and gets people in the mood for Halloween fun from the get-go.

Come up with a Creative Hashtag

It’s all about the gram these days. Get creative with a hashtag and share it with your guests so they can post pictures with it. The more fun and creative the hashtag is, the more excited your guests will be to take and share pictures. A hashtag is the perfect way to remember the party you put so much thought and effort into.

Make a Dollar Store Stop for Decor and Supplies

You’d be surprised at how much money you can save by checking the local dollar store first. You’ll likely find decorations, plates, napkins and utensils at a reduced price. Check the dollar store first, stock up and then go to your usual store for anything that you still need. This is a huge money-saver for those on a budget.

Shop Wholesale for Snacks

If you’re hosting a sizeable crowd, you can also save money by checking out wholesale stores for party snacks in bulk. Costco or Sam’s Club offers the reasonable prices and generous portions you need to keep you from (gasp!) running out of food in the middle of your event.

Have Fun with Invitations

Virtual invitations are trending, but there’s nothing quite like a creative snail mail invitation. These invitations set the theme for the party, let your guest know you’ve gone to the trouble to invite them with a flourish, and give your guests something tangible to hang up on their fridge as a reminder of the party. Whether you go virtual or mailed, invitations are a great way to let your friends know if the theme will be cutesy or ultra-spooky and what they need to prepare in advance, i.e., a costume, a Halloween-themed hors d’oeuvres to share, etc.

Party Favors

Since some people won’t be lucky enough to win a prize for one of the games, party favors are a great way to end the night on a high note. People love gifts, and party gifts can be as simple as candy in a bag or as extravagant as customized keychains for everyone.

If you’re taking on the task of planning an epic Halloween party this year, don’t forget to follow our tips for a smashing success. Planning a party in the DC, Dallas, or Los Angeles area and need some help getting started? Give us a call. At Andrew Roby Events, parties are what we do best.