Do you sometimes wonder if you could be running your events business better? Maybe your revenue is acceptable, but you know there’s untapped potential. Maybe you’re running around like a crazy person doing things that you should be delegating. Maybe you have a host of small patrons but want to expand to higher tier, higher paying clients.

More and more, event planning businesses are turning to coaches to help them reach the next level of productivity, efficiency, and income. If you’re worried that you can’t afford an event planning services coach right now, there’s a strong argument that you can’t afford NOT to.

Why You Need a Coach

1. Keeps you Accountable

One of the biggest perks of having a business coach is that they hold your feet to the fire. They’ll call you out on your slack, make you take risks at times, and constantly remind you of your goals. Since you’re paying for their expertise, you’ll be more motivated to work hard to see results.

2. Acts as an Expert Guide

A coach is essentially a guide for your business decisions. Your coach has done it themself; now they are here to walk you through it so you can reach the same success and keep your business sustainable. Running a business can be scary. Having a guide can make all the difference and help you sleep easier at night.

3. Brings New Insights

There’s a reason your business isn’t growing. Maybe your website is ineffective. Maybe your staff is lackluster. Maybe you need to target higher end clients. Maybe you’re undercharging. Maybe you need to present your services with greater confidence.

Your coach will get to the bottom of it and offer new ideas and insights to help bring progress and sustainable success. Your coach will bring unbiased observations and constructive criticism to help you and your business grow and thrive.

4. Helps You Reach Your Potential

Your coach wants to help you. Their goal is to set you up for success and help to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. A business coach can help you reach your potential and beyond. Part of that is allowing you to break out of the cages you’ve put yourself in, face the hard things you’ve been putting off, and step out of your comfort zone to move forward.

5. Introduces New Habits

Different minds bring different ideas. Your coach will help you form habits that lead to success. They can help you delegate more effectively, manage stress, and dedicate marketing resources to the most effective outlets. A few new daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habits will exponentially aid in your success.

6. Helps you Conquer Challenges

You won’t have to feel alone while facing challenges when you have a trusted coach. Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed when challenges come our way, and we may not see the best way out of them. An experienced coach has likely been there before, or known someone who has. The moves we make during a challenge can make or break our business. A coach can help you keep a cool head and navigate your challenges with wisdom.

7. Puts You on the Right Track for Success

You hired a business coach for a reason. You were stuck somehow and needed help propelling along as a successful business. Whether you have made mistakes and need to get back on track or need some help elevating your business, a coach who has been there will take you through the proper steps.

How to Find the Right Coach

There are many coaches out there, but they won’t all lead to your desired results. Here are some criteria for ensuring that a coach will provide the best bang for your buck.

1. Must Be in the Events Industry

The events industry is like no other niche. Make sure your coach has run a successful events business and has many years of experience. Whether your emphasis is on weddings or corporate events, make sure that they have deep experience in those particular areas.

2. A Level Head

Stress can stamp out creativity. If you’re constantly teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown, you’re not going to do your best work. Make sure that your coach has proven themselves capable of staying calm and collected, even in the face of large, high-pressure events and unexpected hitches. Feel free to check their references to see how they perform under pressure. With a calm coach to lean on, you’ll be better equipped to rev up your creative juices.

3. Connects You to High-Paying clients

You don’t just want to work with someone who gets you more clients, you want HIGHER PAYING clients. This is one of the most important tools to scaling your business. A good coach knows the importance of obtaining quality clients and knows how to connect you to the circles they run in. A few high paying clients may bring in the same revenue as a full docket of lower-paying clients, and taking on less gives you the opportunity to give each event the time and attention you want.

4. Has Expertise in Branding

Do they have a good brand? Are they well-known in the events industry and can use their connections to help you network? If they have branded themselves well, then they will be able to help you with your branding and reputation. Your personal brand is very important in standing out into the event planning world.

5. Can Help You Diversify to Fit the Economy

The events industry was hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic, but event planners who quickly transformed their business and did hybrid and virtual events were able to survive and thrive. A good business coach is innovative, flexible, and agile. They will see the next big trend before it hits and help you capitalize on it.

All those Olympic athletes that wowed us last summer or winter—they didn’t get to where they were on their own. It was the expertise and motivation of coaches that helped them break limits.

As an event planner who has successfully created a multi-million dollar enterprise recognized as one of the leading event planning companies in the country, I work to guide other event entrepreneurs to do the same. I’ve learned things the hard way, the easy way, and every way in between. I share actionable guidance and mentoring through my online course. With the right training and coaching, you can turn your events business into an unstoppable force–and have fun while doing it. I’m here to help.


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